7 Audio Programs Kids Will Love!

As a kid, I have a vivid memory of carrying around my little, red, Sony tape recorder, listening to books on tape and radio theater programs. I loved it. I would clean my whole bedroom while listening to stories.

little boy with headset using touch pad

Times have changed. There are tons of ways to access audio story times and programs for kids.

Typically audiobooks have been used with second language learners, those with learning disabilities, and non-readers but they are actually beneficial to those who are average and gifted as well. podcast-1920x1080

Listening to audio rather then watching a video is beneficial as it allows kids to focus on auditory learning skills. Instead of total immersion, they can use their imagination to picture what is being described to them. They learn to critically think in order to interpret context clues.

Audio stories and podcasts are also great for the whole family to listen to together. They can even make road trips more interesting.

Here are a few podcasts that are great for kids. Check them out!



The Old Time Radio Superman Show


Storyline Online

Children's Storybooks Online


Online Talking Stories

Book Club For Kids

Any interaction with literature is positive even if they words aren't being read off the page. So get your kids listening to some interesting, educational or just plain entertaining audio!

7 Responses

  1. I had no idea that these existed for kids. My 4 year old my really be into it. She loves listening to music before she goes to sleep.
  2. I love podcasts, and it's a great idea to have kids listen to them too! Your suggestions all sound so fun for kids! xoxo Annie
  3. I've never had the chance to listen to audio books as a child. I could see the benefits of having them, especially since my oldest has ADHD and refuses to pick up an actual book to read because he's too busy to sit still.
  4. love it! i'm a fan of anything that gets kids motivated to read and learn more. I'm curious about the superman story for myself...lol.
  5. I myself have always enjoyed a good audio program. It helps me to multi task.
  6. I"m a big fan of audio. So are the kiddos!
  7. I am going to bookmark this because I am sure, I will be needing this in the future. My son loves listening to different things!

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