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Creative Baby In Carrier Costumes

Halloween is approaching! If you have a new, little one around this year, the costume fun is just beginning for you. Babies can make the best additions to your Halloween attire even while resting comfortably in a baby carrier. Here are a few of our favorite parent/baby combo costumes: These are a few from classic…
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Halloween Inspiration

Dressing up for Halloween is such a fun tradition but sometimes at the end of the day, I feel like my creativity has run out. If you're in the same boat as me, here are a few suggestions for really unique costumes that might help spark some imagination. Favorite Foods Top Movies Fun for the…
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How To Have The Perfect Bonfire Night

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are falling. What a perfect time for a bonfire! Sometimes it's so nice to have your friends and family huddled around a toasty fire on a cool evening, roasting marshmallows and singing songs together.   Songs: If you need some suggestions for younger kids who haven't been…
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Creative Leaf Animals For Fall

The weather is changing and summer seems to really be behind us now. But this is still a great opportunity for your kids to be outside and get some fresh air. If they're needing some inspiration, why not go on a nature walk with your family. The tree's changing colors and leaves falling to the…
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20 Awesome Ways To Decorate Your Pumpkin

Decorating Pumpkins is a great fall tradition and can be really fun for kids. When I was little we used to carve them out by hand. It was hard work and usually in the end, mine would look like the traditional triangle face jack-o-lantern only a little messier. These days there are so many creative…
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Great Outdoor and Indoor Hopscotch

I remember loving hopscotch as a little girl. My friends and I would jump around happily every sunny afternoon until it was time to go home. Here are two versions of this classic game and some ideas on how to play it according to the children's ages. Outdoor Hopscotch with chalk Combine this active jumping…
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Growing Six Inches In Five Minutes

I remember reading in a book when I was little about a girl who made herself stilts out of tin cans and string. I thought that was so cool but for whatever reason, never did it for myself. But that image has always stuck with me. Now as a mother, I’m again looking for fun…
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Swing Me Higher!

It's always a sweet thing for parents the first time they put their baby in a swing and experience their joy in new found freedom. But unless you have someone recording your babies face from the front, you miss out a little as you push from behind. The Expression Swing solves that age old problem by…
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Duct Tape Mini Golf

Growing up, my family played mini golf quite often. It’s one of my sister’s favorite things to do so every summer she’d find any excuse and opportunity to have us all play a round. Some times though, there just aren’t enough moments together in the day to make a whole family outing to play an…
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Sail away with your own cork boat

Ahoy, matey! All hands on deck! Jump aboard this simple adventure that will leave your kids with their own floating boat. For this easy project we just used a few items from the junk drawer. Three corks String Two rubber bands Construction paper A twist tie Rubber band the three corks together. Tie a string at the…
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Create an Individual Memory

The other day, we wanted to add a new spin to the classic game of memory. So we combined two things the girls really like when it's too rainy to go outside - coloring and playing memory. I also added a playful way to train every child's articulation by choosing a template showing items that…
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Great Indoor Game – Sponge Darts

Sponge darts is an awesome indoor game to keep your kids occupied on rainy days. All you need is some painter's tape and sponges. I taped circles to the floor, added a starting line and then we were ready to start the game! Make your own rules! We had two throws each and tried to come as close…
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Marvellous Mittens For The Cold Days!

I've seen this picture on the internet several times now and I really love the idea that you don't loose the grasp on your tiny person's hand with these cute mittens.


So I searched for a shop where I could actually buy those hand in hand mittens, and this is what I found: you can buy them here (Forget me knot mittens).

I imagine you could even do them yourself, but unfortunately, I don't know how to knit.