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Help Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

As the new year gets closer, people often start thinking about the resolutions they want the make. Everyone wants to use this opportunity to make a fresh start. But everyone knows that resolutions are often broken and soon after they're made. How about teaching your kids how to make goals for the new year in…
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Unique Snowmen Ideas To Build With Kids

One of the fun things to looking forward to snow is anticipating your first snowman. But why stick with the traditional old Frosty with his corn-cob pipe when there are so many unique inspirations out there?   Why not shake up the neighborhood a little bit with these unexpected snowmen that look like they're on a mission?…
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The Most Real Christmas Wish List

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And kids are busy making sure that Santa knows what they want for Christmas. Here's a few funny ones that are being shared across the internet. Claire is such a nice sister to write her brother's letter to Santa for him...I hope he reads it before mailing…
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Kid Friendly Christmas Tree Alternatives

One struggle every parent of young children have at Christmas time is how to maintain a Christmas tree throughout the entire season when little hands are made for destruction. Here are a few kid friendly tree alternatives and some they can help create if they are a bit older. These trees made of felt are actually…
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Creative Do-It-Yourself Advent Calendars

Can you feel the anticipation building as we get ready to countdown to Christmas? One fun way to get your kids in the Christmas Spirit is to mark each day with an advent calendar. Of course you could buy the chocolate calendars that are pre packaged in cardboard. But if you want something a little…
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Great Outdoor and Indoor Hopscotch

I remember loving hopscotch as a little girl. My friends and I would jump around happily every sunny afternoon until it was time to go home. Here are two versions of this classic game and some ideas on how to play it according to the children's ages. Outdoor Hopscotch with chalk Combine this active jumping…
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Create an Individual Memory

The other day, we wanted to add a new spin to the classic game of memory. So we combined two things the girls really like when it's too rainy to go outside - coloring and playing memory. I also added a playful way to train every child's articulation by choosing a template showing items that…
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Great Indoor Game – Sponge Darts

Sponge darts is an awesome indoor game to keep your kids occupied on rainy days. All you need is some painter's tape and sponges. I taped circles to the floor, added a starting line and then we were ready to start the game! Make your own rules! We had two throws each and tried to come as close…
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Sweet Valentine’s Cards for Kids

Here is an easy, fun and super cute way for your kids to send lovely greetings to their Valentines. All you need is LOVE ....and colorful paper, lollipops, scissors, pens and some sticky tape. Have your kids choose their favorite color for the butterfly and then have them fold the sheet once. Roughly sketch one…
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Little Gardeners – Say Hello to Spring!

Don't wait for Spring to take care of your garden. Your children will be happy to help greet Spring with some early bloomers. Introducing your children to the wonders of nature is a wonderful way to stimulate their curiosity about the world. Besides, growing a plant will give your toddler or preschooler a huge sense of…
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Marvellous Mittens For The Cold Days!

I've seen this picture on the internet several times now and I really love the idea that you don't loose the grasp on your tiny person's hand with these cute mittens.


So I searched for a shop where I could actually buy those hand in hand mittens, and this is what I found: you can buy them here (Forget me knot mittens).

I imagine you could even do them yourself, but unfortunately, I don't know how to knit.