Angelina Jolie’s six children speak seven languages!


jolie-pitt-familyDid you know that not only are the Jolie-Pitt's a multicultural family but a linguistically diverse one as well? Angelina stated in an interview with BBC Radio 4, that among her 6 children, there are 7 different languages spoken. Jolie says "Every child can learn another language."


Her children hail from all around the world. The oldest Maddox (14), is from Cambodia and wants to learn German and Russian. Pax (12) was born in Vietnam and is learning Vietnamese.  Zahara (11) is from Ethiopia and speaks French. Shiloh (10), the oldest of Jolie's biological children, is learning Cambodian (Khmer). Vivienne and Knox(7) are the youngest but still want to learn Arabic and sign language respectively.


And with all those children, you might think one would want to follow in their parents footsteps to become an actor. But no, they seem to prefer the path to becoming musicians instead.


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