Ideas to get your kids excited about the Olympics!


Summer Olympics 2016 are starting Saturday. What a great opportunity to get your kids interesting in sports! I remember the 1996 Olympics and the magnificent 7 gymnasts. I thought it was amazing the flips they could pull off while spinning through the air.

Magnificent7So why not throw a kick off party to really amp up the enthusiasm?

olympic-foodHere are a few fun Olympic themed foods.

olympic-food2Golden torches, barbells and tiny pretzel swimmers; the kids will love it!

backyard-olympicsCreate your own backyard Olympics with obstacle courses with pool noodles, ball or javelin throws, ring toss with paper towel rolls and low balance beams. map-the-olympicsHave your kids make flags to represent the different nations competing. Pin them on a cork backed map. What a great way to educate on diversity and having a bigger world vision!


Make your kids feel like an Olympian by documenting their medal status in chalk.


These pretzels are easy enough to include the whole family in the making.


If you're kids are looking for a few more facts about the Olympics these books are full of helpful information.

What are the Summer Olympics?

Great moments in the Summer Olympics

G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet

Have fun and go for the gold!

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