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Great Outdoor and Indoor Hopscotch

I remember loving hopscotch as a little girl. My friends and I would jump around happily every sunny afternoon until it was time to go home. Here are two versions of this classic game and some ideas on how to play it according to the children's ages. Outdoor Hopscotch with chalk Combine this active jumping…
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Creative Uses For Sidewalk Chalk

With the weather outside getting warmer, I've been more inspired to find fun ways for kids to stay outside. Sidewalk chalk is a go-to for summer fun. All you need is some blacktop and color for your kids to create a masterpiece. And when it rains you have a fresh canvas to start over.  I…
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Of Birds and Bees and Hippos …

A nice trip to the zoo with the whole family - and suddenly you see yourself confronted with all these funny questions. "What are they doing, Daddy?" "Why is this hippo on the other hippos back, Mommy?" If you're not prepared to have the talk yet, you might wanna go for "He is giving his…
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10 Tips to Take Great Pictures of Your Kids

Photographing kids is a real adventure. They are very fast, mostly bouncy, often busy and sometimes grumpy. As parents, you want to capture every moment in your sunshine's life but it's not always that easy. Follow our 10 tips, and you are going to take amazing pictures of your little ones in no time. 1.…
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Happy Birthday – Time to Be a Princess!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who celebrated her 4th birthday. She and her lucky sister both got beautiful princess dresses. They loved everything about them - dancing around with swinging petticoats, gracefully waving their hands just like Royals and above all, being treated like real Princesses. The purple and pink dress was…
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Look at these Funny Faces!

These little guys are just too cute to look at. It's wonderful how impressed they still are with our world. Watch the video and then take your little sunshine on a ride through the next tunnel - and don't forget your camera to capture this special memory!

10 Unique Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

  • 1-pregnancy-announcement
  • 2-egg-announcement
  • 3-growing by 2 feet
  • 4-preg_annou_
  • 5-preg_announce
  • 6-preg_announce
  • 7-preg_announce
  • 8-pregnancy
  • 9-pregnancy-announcement
  • 10-pregnancy-announcement-ideas
  • 16_pregnancy
  • 17-pregnancy_sibling
  • 18-Sibling-Pregnancy-Announcement
  • 19-Announcing-Your-Second-Child
  • 20-pregnancy-announcement1
  • 21-siblings-pregnancy
  • 22-baby-guard
  • 23-pregnancy-gender
  • 24-Pregnancy Announcement
  • 25-pregnancy-announcement
  • 11-pregnancy-announcement
  • 12-pregnancy
  • 13-pregnancy_movie
  • 14-pregnancy-movie
  • 26-pregnancyHalloween-themed-T-shirt
  • 27-PAnnounce
  • 28-pregnancy
  • 15-pregnancy
  • pregnancy-announcement-t-shirt–baby-xray-
  • 28 pregnancy
  • 29 pregnancy
  • The-Birds-and-the-Bees
  • 30pregn_announcement
  • 31-announce-pregnancy
  • 34-card

"I am pregnant", "We have a bun in the oven", "We are expecting..." - there are so many expressions to share this most wonderful feeling and event. And there are just as many fun and creative ways to share these great news with your family and friends.

I collected 10 ideas to announce your pregnancy - from traditional to very creative. Get inspired and choose your favorite way to deliver your special news.

1. The traditional greeting card. Let everyone know by sending out greeting cards that present the exciting news or baby's first picture from the sonogram. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see their faces when they read the cards, but you'll surely get a lot of happy phonecalls afterwards.


28 pregnancy

27-PAnnounce 28-pregnancy

2. Let the kids do the talking. Do you have other children? Then have them photographed and send the photos out to friends and family. Here are some ideas for you. 29 pregnancy



8-pregnancy18-Sibling-Pregnancy-Announcement 19-Announcing-Your-Second-Child 21-siblings-pregnancy

3. As we all know the truth about the birds and bees by now, why not say it with mother nature's words?




4. A picture is worth a thousand words. And if you still feel like adding some words, try "Our family is growing by two feet"... or even more?

3-growing by 2 feet


5. Your pack is expecting another pair of paws? Include your dog in your announcement as delivery guy, soon-to-be bodyguard, or artist.


22-baby-guard 23-pregnancy-gender 16_pregnancy

6. Do the math!



24-Pregnancy Announcement

7. Surprise your loved ones! And don't forget the camera to catch the moment. This would make a very nice and unique card for the whole family. Or wear your new t-shirt and see if he pays attention.




8. This event in your life is not just great, it's epic. Why not announce a whole movie starring your new number one? Here are some ideas for movie posters.

14-pregnancy-movie 13-pregnancy_movie 12-pregnancy 11-pregnancy-announcement


9. Pure magic! This is a cute way to tell everybody what happened during the last nine month of your life.


10. Why not ask your favorite star to help with the announcement :)?



These are all fun ways to tell your family and friends about your baby. If you want to hear their excitement, make sure they call you before they open the envelope. And if you are reading this in search for inspiration for your own pregnancy announcement: Congratulations! 🙂

Freeze Frame? It’s Not Ice, But Water!

water hat

How many attempts would it take you to recreate this perfectly timed photo? More than one bucket of water might go to waste. At least your kid won't need to shower anymore!

Thanks to an effect called surface tension, the water molecules attempt to stick together for as long as possible. Right before the water 'breaks', it completely engulfs the object it's dumped on. In this case... your child's head.

If you're serious about recreating this picture, you might want to set your camera to 'burst mode'. Keep holding the shoot button to take multiple pictures in rapid succession to increase your chances of getting that perfect shot!