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When considering a baby name…

What's in a name? Shakespeare seemed to think it wasn't that important but I'd say it does have significance if you are the one being named. There's the story that says a father named his two sons Winner and Loser. Loser became a detective with the NYPD and Winner became a petty criminal who ended up…
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Learning Your Baby’s Language

Having a new baby can be intimidating at times when they begin to cry and you can't figure out why.  Imagine that you could understand your new baby's need before they even begin to cry. It is possible! All babies speak the same language from birth no matter where in the world. Priscilla Dunstan learned what…
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10 Unique Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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"I am pregnant", "We have a bun in the oven", "We are expecting..." - there are so many expressions to share this most wonderful feeling and event. And there are just as many fun and creative ways to share these great news with your family and friends.

I collected 10 ideas to announce your pregnancy - from traditional to very creative. Get inspired and choose your favorite way to deliver your special news.

1. The traditional greeting card. Let everyone know by sending out greeting cards that present the exciting news or baby's first picture from the sonogram. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see their faces when they read the cards, but you'll surely get a lot of happy phonecalls afterwards.


28 pregnancy

27-PAnnounce 28-pregnancy

2. Let the kids do the talking. Do you have other children? Then have them photographed and send the photos out to friends and family. Here are some ideas for you. 29 pregnancy



8-pregnancy18-Sibling-Pregnancy-Announcement 19-Announcing-Your-Second-Child 21-siblings-pregnancy

3. As we all know the truth about the birds and bees by now, why not say it with mother nature's words?




4. A picture is worth a thousand words. And if you still feel like adding some words, try "Our family is growing by two feet"... or even more?

3-growing by 2 feet


5. Your pack is expecting another pair of paws? Include your dog in your announcement as delivery guy, soon-to-be bodyguard, or artist.


22-baby-guard 23-pregnancy-gender 16_pregnancy

6. Do the math!



24-Pregnancy Announcement

7. Surprise your loved ones! And don't forget the camera to catch the moment. This would make a very nice and unique card for the whole family. Or wear your new t-shirt and see if he pays attention.




8. This event in your life is not just great, it's epic. Why not announce a whole movie starring your new number one? Here are some ideas for movie posters.

14-pregnancy-movie 13-pregnancy_movie 12-pregnancy 11-pregnancy-announcement


9. Pure magic! This is a cute way to tell everybody what happened during the last nine month of your life.


10. Why not ask your favorite star to help with the announcement :)?



These are all fun ways to tell your family and friends about your baby. If you want to hear their excitement, make sure they call you before they open the envelope. And if you are reading this in search for inspiration for your own pregnancy announcement: Congratulations! 🙂