Recipes for Diabetes that kids can make on their own

Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes affects 1 in 300 people in the US by the time they reach 18 years. The frequency is similar in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Canada.

While this disease is life altering and difficult to control, kids with T1D can still go on with a normal life. They just need to be much more diligent about the food, exercise, and daily choices they make and be aware of the consequences.

Kids with Type 1 diabetes aren't able to make insulin to carry from the blood to where it needs to go. They always need to be aware of their sugar levels. Too high or too low are equally dangerous.

Healthy food choices are essential to maintaining stability. But food doesn't have to be boring! Teaching kids with diabetes not just to eat healthy when someone presents foods to them but to learn how to cook healthy food will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

We've collected a few recipes to start kids on the path to cooking healthy!




vegetable-skillet-fritataThese recipes are just a start. If you're really interested in getting your kids to cook healthy check out these cookbooks as well!


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