Watch a little girls response to a doll that looks like her.

Growing up, it's great fun to have a doll that looks similar to you. It's something to relate to and make you feel special. For 10 year old Emma Bennet who wears a prosthetic leg, it was a little more challenging.


American Girl Dolls have almost every combination of skin color, hair color and texture and eye color that you can imagine to perfectly match their owner.  They even have accessories for dolls with disabilities such as a wheel chair, hearing aid, service dog and crutches. But so far they don't have dolls with a prosthetic.

Emma's parents contacted A Step Ahead Prosthetics company which specially sent a look alike doll with a prosthetic right leg, something not a part of their usual business.

This video captures her reaction to opening the gift of the matching doll. Her joy is contagious and will have you in tears at this heart warming situation.

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