Wildcraft: the board game where kids learn about nature

Have you ever been outside looking at some flower or plant wishing you knew what it was? Plants and herbs have been used throughout history as remedies for various ailments and their power isn't diminished just because we can now go to the pharmacy and pick up a prescription.


Wouldn't it be cool to know the various uses for plants in the wild? Wouldn't it be great if your kids knew too? With the Wildcraft board game, it's now not only possible but also really fun!

Played with 1-4 player, you work together to acquire knowledge about some of the most common and useful wild plant life around.


This educational game is good for kids as young as 4 years but still interesting for adults too.

You never know when herbal knowledge will come in handy for you or your kids.


This is a strategy game but is also about helping each other to the end so everyone comes away learning something.

And to top it off not only are your kids connecting to nature, the boardgames is actually made out of eco-friendly materials.Medicinal-Plants-Board-Game-3

Wildcraft can be a great family game where everyone comes away with a little bit of useful knowledge.

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