How To Make A Snow Slime

How to make snow slime

Do your children love slime?  Then get geared up to some great winter fun as you make together with DIY snow slime.  It feels amazing and looks pretty too. To make the snow slime all you need is... Glue Contact Solution Baking Soda Glitter (optional) Insta-Snow Start off by making the basic slime recipe by […]


8 Easy Winter Crafts For Kids

Hey parents, are you looking for some winter indoor activities for your kids? How about doing some winter crafts together? This easy winter crafts for kids will make for a fun afternoon for sure 🙂 ... Easy Winter Mitten Craft For this nice winter craft activity you will need some cotton, a piece of cord […]


10 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities For Kids

In the winter you sometimes miss the ideas of what to do with your children. Although it is usually very cold, there are many great outdoor winter activities for kids that are a lot of fun. It is very important to be in the fresh air with the children even in winter. Physical activity warms […]


Where Can Children Learn About History? – History For Kids

History is a very important topic that teaches us all about our countries, cities and people. It lets us understand why our world has become what it is today. Especially for kids and young people it is even more important to understand what mistakes our ancestors have committed or what they made possible for us. […]


New Year’s Mocktails For Kids

kids cocktails

Toast to the New Year with some delicious non-alcoholic cocktails your kids will love. All you'll need is some juice, syrup and fruit to decorate, maybe also cocktail umbrellas. For the sugar rim, I asked my niece to moisten the rim with a lemon slice and then had her dip it into the sugar. Triple […]


10 New Year’s Eve Activities For Kids

Slowly the year is coming to an end and a new decade is coming. So this New Year's Eve is going to be something special and it's time to start thinking about how to spend the turn of the year. For children, New Year's Eve parties are particularly exciting. It is all the more important […]


The Snow Man’s Hot Bath – Hot Chocolate Drink For Kids

Hot Drinks For Kids

Winter is here! Is it snowing in your area yet? Take your kids outside and have a walk through the white powder covered neighborhood. Have a snowball fight. Build a snowman and then invite it in for some hot chocolate. Wait... what? Yes, that's right. Indulge yourself and your little ones and have some marshmallow snowman hot chocolate.    […]


Christmas Traditions Around The World

Hi parents! How are the Christmas preparations going? Are you decorating the entire house with your kids this year? Or maybe you are baking all sorts of Christmas treats for the whole month? Oh yeah, did you plan all the gift shopping and have you prepared the holidays well, so you won't miss anything?  Christmas […]


Make Your Holiday Season Extra Special With ‘Kinderpunsch’

Drink for children

Here is a recipe for ‘Kinderpunsch,’ a German punch for children that’s especially delicious on a cold day to make you toasty from the inside out. Whether celebrating Advent, Christmas, going to a parade or festival or just spending time outside on a frosty winter day, your kids will be excited to try this warm […]


20 Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Kids

best Christmas movies for kids

There is nothing better during the Festive Season, then snuggle together next to the crackling sound of a fireplace or the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie.  We have come up with 20 family favorite Christmas movies to watch this festive season. 48 Christmas […]


20 Best Christmas Songs For Kids With Lyrics

20 Christmas Songs For Kids

Christmas is the most inspiring and festive period in the year. Let us keep Christmas full of Love and joy, especially for our kids. Let us teach our kids what Christmas is all about in nice and fun way and there is nothing better and easier then singing songs with kids.  The songs that we […]


12 Matching Family Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas time should be cuddly and cozy for children and adults. Therefore, an American tradition is to wear matching Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Day. In the morning of the 25th of December, the presents will be unpacked. The whole family wears their Christmas pyjamas and there is a very cozy atomsphere. Wearing these outfits, the […]


Easy Snowman Christmas Cookies Recipes For Kids

Easy and Fun Snowman Cookies for Kids For Christmas and winter time

1. Easy Melting Snow Man Cookies Who doesn't love Christmas themed cookies?  These lovely easy melting snow man cookies will definitely be popular not only with your kids but with adults as well.  Want to try them out?   All you need is.... (make 24 cookies) 1 1/4 cups sugar 1 cup Butter, softened 1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar 2 large Eggs […]


Fun Christmas Card Ideas That Kids Can Make

Christmas Cards easy DIY with kids

Christmas Cards are a nice way to send Christmas greetings during the festive season, especially if your family and friends don't live near you.  Christmas Cards are definitely more appreciated if they are handmade and in particular if made by your little ones.  It's heartwarming to receive a Christmas card made a child, who has […]


9 Fun Theatres And Musicals For Kids At Christmas Time (2019) To Visit In London

During Christmas Season the whole family comes together to spend an intense, memorable time. The time before Christmas is reflective and cheerful. Especially for kids, this time of the year is something enchanting and wonderful, what they are looking forward to all year. During Christmas Season, there are many events and activities you can take […]


Fun Christmas Activities For Kids In France And UK

Ice - Skating In Paris with kids

Diverse Christmas Events For Kids Besides Theatre shows and musicals, there a many more Christmas activites you can do with your children. The following Christmas events will surely make your Christmas time cheerful and special... 1. Christmas at the Château de Vaux le Vicomte 2019 At Christmas time, the Château de Vaux le Vicomte (Maincy, […]


Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In Europe

Christmas Market For Kids

It's that time of the year again - In December the Christmas markets are calling! There are so many different Christmas markets all over the world. Everywhere different kinds of food and drinks are sold and Christmas traditions differ from each other. But one thing they have in common. Christmas markets are sociable places where […]


10 Worth-Visiting Theme Parks During Christmas Time

Theme Parks to visit in Winter

Visiting a theme park during Christmas time is a magical experience for the whole family. In winter, most theme parks offer special Christmas attractions for children and adults. There are amazing musicals with festive music, songs and artistic performances. Kids-friendly Christmas shows will make your children's eyes sparkling. Probably your little ones are also dreaming […]


Gift Ideas For Girls

Best Gift Ideas For Girls

Are you looking for a gift for your daughter? Are you having something in mind but still don't know if you really should buy it? You do want to make her happy but you don't want just to buy something, right? Sometimes it is easy to find inspiration since your kids will exactly tell you […]


10 Best Filled Advent Calendars For Kids (2019)

Christmas Time is the best time for the kids in the year. They always look so forward to Christmas. They start to count the months and the days. Every little thing during Christmas just counts and kids are just so happy to enjoy Christmas. Not only the Christmas Craft, the Christmas Movies, Christmas Stories, Christmas […]