Preteen (10-12 years old)

Easy Snowman Christmas Cookies Recipes For Kids

Easy and Fun Snowman Cookies for Kids For Christmas and winter time

1. Easy Melting Snow Man Cookies Who doesn't love Christmas themed cookies?  These lovely easy melting snow man cookies will definitely be popular not only with your kids but with adults as well.  Want to try them out?   All you need is.... (make 24 cookies) 1 1/4 cups sugar 1 cup Butter, softened 1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar 2 large Eggs […]


Fun Christmas Card Ideas That Kids Can Make

Christmas Cards easy DIY with kids

Christmas Cards are a nice way to send Christmas greetings during the festive season, especially if your family and friends don't live near you.  Christmas Cards are definitely more appreciated if they are handmade and in particular if made by your little ones.  It's heartwarming to receive a Christmas card made a child, who has […]


9 Fun Theatres And Musicals For Kids At Christmas Time (2019) To Visit In London

During Christmas Season the whole family comes together to spend an intense, memorable time. The time before Christmas is reflective and cheerful. Especially for kids, this time of the year is something enchanting and wonderful, what they are looking forward to all year. During Christmas Season, there are many events and activities you can take […]


Fun Christmas Activities For Kids In France And UK

Ice - Skating In Paris with kids

Diverse Christmas Events For Kids Besides Theatre shows and musicals, there a many more Christmas activites you can do with your children. The following Christmas events will surely make your Christmas time cheerful and special... 1. Christmas at the Château de Vaux le Vicomte 2019 At Christmas time, the Château de Vaux le Vicomte (Maincy, […]


10 Worth-Visiting Theme Parks During Christmas Time

Theme Parks to visit in Winter

Visiting a theme park during Christmas time is a magical experience for the whole family. In winter, most theme parks offer special Christmas attractions for children and adults. There are amazing musicals with festive music, songs and artistic performances. Kids-friendly Christmas shows will make your children's eyes sparkling. Probably your little ones are also dreaming […]


Gift Ideas For Girls

Best Gift Ideas For Girls

Are you looking for a gift for your daughter? Are you having something in mind but still don't know if you really should buy it? You do want to make her happy but you don't want just to buy something, right? Sometimes it is easy to find inspiration since your kids will exactly tell you […]


10 Best Filled Advent Calendars For Kids (2019)

Christmas Time is the best time for the kids in the year. They always look so forward to Christmas. They start to count the months and the days. Every little thing during Christmas just counts and kids are just so happy to enjoy Christmas. Not only the Christmas Craft, the Christmas Movies, Christmas Stories, Christmas […]


20 DIY Advent Calendars For Kids

1. Animal Envelope Advent Calendar This amazing Advent calendar for kids is made out of envelopes. With handicraft paper, make colored envelopes look like different animals and hang them up. Fill this beautiful animal Advent calendar with little notes. For example, announce a nice activity you will do together or give a tip, where in the room […]


Why And How We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas Dinner and Lunch traditions

Christmas is the time of celebrations, prayers, fun, family, wishes and gifts, but why do some people celebrate Christmas and some not and what are the most known traditions?  Why do we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is the celebration of the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ.  In Christian religion it is believed that […]


10 Fun Activities To Do With Kids On Thanksgiving

All the family is coming over for Thanksgiving?  Do you feel overwhelmed because you don't know how to keep your children entertained whilst you prepare all the yummy food?  Don't worry we have you covered with our activities your children can do whilst you are busy in the kitchen. 1. The Gratitude Game This gratitude […]


5 Fall Desserts Recipes For Kids

Autumn is the perfect season to relax at home, preparing and enjoying some delicious autumn desserts with the kids. Get inspired by the following autumn recipes for kids: Rice Crispy Treats This is a delicious kids' snack for in between. What you will need is: Butter Mini Marshmallows Food Coloring Rice Crispy Cereal Instruction: melt […]


10 Fun Autumn Activities For Kids

Autumn has many facets. Warm and sunny days that feel like summer, windy days that blow colorful leaves through the air and rainy days that are cold, grey and not very inviting for any outdoor activities. With children there are so many things to do in autumn, indoors, as well as outdoors. We would like […]


Beautiful Autumn Craft Ideas For Kids

Autumn time is craft time! When it's cold and rainy outside, it is a great idea to do some autumn crafts with your kids. You need some autumn craft ideas? Then just have a look at our inspiration! The Scarecrow This funny scarecrow is made out of a cupcake liner, yarn, construction paper and googly […]


5 Autumn Recipes Your Kids Will Fall For

Autumn is the time of delicious dishes that warm up the body. There are many amazing autumn recipes for kids you should try out. Have a look at our following autumn food suggestions your kids will surely love... Pumpkin Soup This pumpkin soup is perfect to wam up your kid's bodies. What you will need: oil 1/2 […]


5 Easy And Fun Halloween Recipes For Kids

6 easy halloween recipes for kids

Even if you are not an exceptional cook, during Halloween you can experiment with food because even if it does not come as the picture perfect, you can always say it resembles some gruesome monster.  Here are the ingredients for five easy and fun family friendly Halloween recipes.  1. Mummy Pizza For Halloween Ingredients for the […]


Amazing Halloween Hairstyles For Kids

On Halloween a scary hairstyle for kids may not be missing. There are many creative ways for kids to be a real eye catcher. These Halloween hairstyles for kids make the Halloween party perfect: Haistyles For Girls: This is a really funny halloween hairstyle. The spider on the head is easy to create, especially with […]


Amazing Halloween Costumes For Kids

Dressing up for Halloween is such a fun tradition but sometimes at the end of the day, I feel like my creativity has run out. If you're in the same boat as me, here are a few suggestions for really unique costumes that might help spark some imagination. We have selected DIY Halloween Costumes and Prefabricated […]


Halloween Traditions Explained

Pumpkin carving, Jack O Lantern, Trick or Treat are all synonymous with Halloween but do you know the origins of Halloween?  This holiday dates back many, many years.   Meaning of the word Halloween The literal meaning of the word Halloween is 'hallowed evening', and previously known to early European celebrators as 'All Hallows' Eve' .  […]


Back To School – Fun Ways To Make It Easy For Kids

Einschulung Feier - Back To school party

Starting school means a big change for children, no matter if the summer holidays are over or if the first school day of a child's life is imminent. But if you take a few rules into account, the changeover becomes a piece of cake for everyone involved. Preparing Your Child To Start School There are […]


Fun Ways Supporting A Child With Learning Needs

Children have a natural thirst for knowledge and love to experience and learn new things. However, it is difficult for some children to concentrate, to internalize and understand new facts. Fortunately, there are many ways and possibilities to support and encourage these children and show them that learning can be really fun. The Influence of […]