Mother’s Day

Geocaching, What A Lovely Activity For The Kids!

geocaching finding the cache

Looking for a way to spend the day outside, with an exciting activity that the whole family can enjoy? Try geocaching! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. It involves putting coordinates that you find online (on a geocaching-dedicated website) into a GPS and go searching for  a cache that someone else has hidden in the real world. There […]


Creative Uses For Sidewalk Chalk

With the weather outside getting warmer, I've been more inspired to find fun ways for kids to stay outside. Sidewalk chalk is a go-to for summer fun. All you need is some blacktop and color for your kids to create a masterpiece. And when it rains you have a fresh canvas to start over.  I […]


Lovely Tulip for Mother’s Day

There are tons of cute cards for Mother's Day, but there is another option to show your love. Say it with flowers. Here is a fun and quick Mother's Day craft that every Daddy can help his kids with. All you need is colorful paper a green straw sticky tape glue a brass fastener a […]


How to Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother's Day is just around the corner. If your kids want to pamper their mommy on her special day, here are some ideas and tips. 1. Make Mommy comfy. I'm sure every mom would be super happy if her day starts with a nice breakfast in bed. Fluff the pillows and bring in the breakfast […]


17 Ways To Tell Mom How You Really Feel This Mother’s Day

Funny mothers day cards 15

1. When kids are little it's expected that they make a sweet sentimental card like this for Mother's Day. And then they get older and can tell you how they really feel. 2. Honesty is key in any relationship.   3.Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what day it is when you can really […]


I Heart You! – Valentine’s Crafts For Kids

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to create some heart-shaped projects with your little ones. Arts and crafts with toddlers can be a bit messy — but also lots of fun —  so my nieces and I started a crafty session. I chose two different little art projects for them to realize. They each made a […]


Photo Frame Your Refrigerator With Lids And Magnet Strip

Have you ever had so many pictures of the people you love and want to showcase on your refrigerator that it ends up looking like a cluttered mess? I know this is so true of me. From close family and Christmas cards to Baby announcements and post cards from exotic vacations, our fridge is full […]

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Cute Little Baby Feet Were Made Into Colourful Butterflies

rainbow colors painted baby foot

I was really inspired by some photos on the internet where cute little baby feet were made into colorful butterflies. So I wanted to try that out myself.   I used watercolors and kids paint  If you also want to give it a try, make sure you use warm water so that your baby isn't shocked […]


Footprint In Clay Or Plaster – A Real Classic

Those tiny hands and cute little feet are growing every day, don't you wish you could keep them just as they are? 🙂 Baby Art offers inspiring products and gift ideas for first-time parents, grandparents or godparents that create beautiful memories of your little ones. I gave the foot and hand prints in clay a try with my […]