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10 Fun Autumn Activities For Kids

Autumn has many facets. Warm and sunny days that feel like summer, windy days that blow colorful leaves through the air and rainy days that are cold, grey and not very inviting for any outdoor activities. With children there are so many things to do in autumn, indoors, as well as outdoors. We would like […]


Get Your Children Moving With Malta’s SportsKidz

Doesn’t it often feel that we are fighting a losing battle against the onslaught of screens when trying to keep our children fit and healthy? With the highest childhood obesity rate in Europe, we in Malta must be particularly concerned about how we challenge this trend in our children. The answer? SportsKidz – starting again […]


The Best Free Online Games For Kids

online racing games for kids-2

Are you looking for online games for your kids? We found a page that we recommend, where you can play online games for the whole family. On this page you will find several online games that are kid friendly. You as a parent can find kids games that fit your child's age. Boys and girls both […]


Strum Along On Your Homemade Guitar

homemade guitar

Music is so important for growth in kids of all ages. So why not get them a head start toward their future in appreciation of music. You might not be prepared to shell out the money for a high quality instrument yet, but making your own musical instrument might be even cooler. Here's our step by […]


Once Upon A Time Story Stones

story stones 3

Who doesn't love a good story? Kids are almost always ready for a funny tale or exciting adventure. But sometimes when it comes to inventing one of their own, it can be tough to get started. Story stones can help with that. I saw this idea and couldn't wait to make some of our own. […]


Balloon Popper Game

Balloon popper

Need a quick and easy distraction for your kids that doesn't break the bank? This will keep them entertained for a bit with just a few household supplies. Take a balloon and cut off a small piece of the end so the neck fits over the paper towel tube. We used balls of duct tape […]


Flick it: Game With The Law Of Motion

flick it 3

This is a little game we call 'Flick It'. Great fun and adaptable to any location. We put a piece of sturdy cardboard over the top of a glass, place different objects on top and try to flick the cardboard straight out so the object falls into the glass.  It's actually based on the law of […]


Ideas to get your kids excited about the Olympics!


Summer Olympics 2016 are starting Saturday. What a great opportunity to get your kids interesting in sports! I remember the 1996 Olympics and the magnificent 7 gymnasts. I thought it was amazing the flips they could pull off while spinning through the air. So why not throw a kick off party to really amp up […]


Wildcraft: the board game where kids learn about nature

wildcraft-board game

Have you ever been outside looking at some flower or plant wishing you knew what it was? Plants and herbs have been used throughout history as remedies for various ailments and their power isn't diminished just because we can now go to the pharmacy and pick up a prescription. Wouldn't it be cool to know […]


Favourite family board games

Favourite family board games

Watching TV is such an easy go to that sometimes we don't even realize we're losing quality moments with our families. Why not plan a special, TV-free evening with the family? Grab a game and get to know one another! These are a few of our favorites for game night. 1. Apples to Apples- This game […]


Making Age Appropriate Chores A Game!


Kids don't learn how to become responsible adults all on their own. It takes learning from adults who have been there, done that and are willing to take the time to show by their example. One of those important lessons is how to do chores. Kids don't wake up on their 18th birthday and suddenly […]


Cabin Fever Crushers!

cabin fever crusher

Cabin fever is a real deal on those cold and snowy days. We all know that little kids are full of energy and need space to exert it in a productive way. Why not encourage your kids movement by joining in on the fun with a few simple interactive games. 1. Turn into an Airplane: Lay […]


Your Starry Imagination

star stories

Most ancient cultures from the Greeks to the Native Americans had traditions where they would look up at the night sky and associate stories with shapes they saw in the stars. Here's a sweet, evening activity to do with your kids ages two and up. You need binoculars or a telescope. Bring your little one […]


Make Your Own Water Xylophone

water xylophone

Need a quick distraction on a busy day? This is a fun project for kids about five years or older. Take a few different glass bottles and fill them to different levels with water. Put a little food coloring in each bottle to make it even more exciting. If you want, hang the bottles from […]


Your Own Personal Toddler Stylist

toddler stylist

When your kids are learning to dress themselves, sometimes you may think their fashion sense is a little questionable. Or maybe they are just ahead of the crowd and a forward thinker. One mom decided to try a fun bonding activity with her little boy by letting him pick out her clothes for a week […]


Creative Do-It-Yourself Advent Calendars

advent Calendar 8

Can you feel the anticipation building as we get ready to countdown to Christmas? One fun way to get your kids in the Christmas Spirit is to mark each day with an advent calendar. Of course you could buy the chocolate calendars that are pre packaged in cardboard. But if you want something a little […]


Thankfulness For Kids: Fun Activities For Turkey Day

thanksgiving fun for kids

Turkey day is coming fast and sometimes it's nice to be able to slow down and remember what this day is really about. Not just stuffing our stomachs to bursting! With the hustle and bustle of the holiday's starting, we rush through Thanksgiving with our families and move right on to Black Friday shopping and […]


Great Outdoor and Indoor Hopscotch

I remember loving hopscotch as a little girl. My friends and I would jump around happily every sunny afternoon until it was time to go home. Here are two versions of this classic game and some ideas on how to play it according to the children's ages. Outdoor Hopscotch with chalk Combine this active jumping […]