Things To Do In Germany With Kids

Are you planning to travel Germany with your kids? If so then go for it! If you have never been in Germany yet, then now is the time, since there are lots of activities that you can do with your kids in Germany. Germany is a country with lovely nature, amazing castles, nice theme parks […]


How to Build the Most Amazing Sandcastles with Pro Gadgets

Here come a bunch of great ideas, amazing gadgets and a how-to explanation for your kid's next, most amazing sandcastle. Whether it's a nice sunny day, the next summer vacation, Memorial Day or July 4th - a trip to the beach is always great fun for the whole family. With sand and water in abundance, what […]


Geocaching, What A Lovely Activity For The Kids!

geocaching finding the cache

Looking for a way to spend the day outside, with an exciting activity that the whole family can enjoy? Try geocaching! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. It involves putting coordinates that you find online (on a geocaching-dedicated website) into a GPS and go searching for  a cache that someone else has hidden in the real world. There […]


Easy to make Tipi for Kids!


If you've been anywhere near Pinterest in the last few years, you'll have seen some of these fun teepee hideouts for kids.  With a few little kids running around, we thought this would make a great present but the price was a little more than I was thinking of. So we took a few dimensions and […]


Ideas to get your kids excited about the Olympics!


Summer Olympics 2016 are starting Saturday. What a great opportunity to get your kids interesting in sports! I remember the 1996 Olympics and the magnificent 7 gymnasts. I thought it was amazing the flips they could pull off while spinning through the air. So why not throw a kick off party to really amp up […]


5 Alternatives To Ice Cream Your Kids Will Love!

Alternatives To Ice Cream for Kids

It's summer time and this hot weather can have your kids begging after the ice cream truck. Even parents may want to overindulge when it comes to a refreshingly cool snack day after day. We thought it might be a good idea to try to keep it a little healthy while still satisfying that sweet […]


Your Starry Imagination

star stories

Most ancient cultures from the Greeks to the Native Americans had traditions where they would look up at the night sky and associate stories with shapes they saw in the stars. Here's a sweet, evening activity to do with your kids ages two and up. You need binoculars or a telescope. Bring your little one […]


Make Your Own Water Xylophone

water xylophone

Need a quick distraction on a busy day? This is a fun project for kids about five years or older. Take a few different glass bottles and fill them to different levels with water. Put a little food coloring in each bottle to make it even more exciting. If you want, hang the bottles from […]


Age Doesn’t Matter When You’re Best Friends

old man little boy friendshipold man little boy friendship

89 year old Erling Kindem and 3 year old Emmett Rychner became best friends one summer over a mutual appreciation for growing (and eating) tomatoes. This unlikely pair formed a bond over baseball, bikes, croquet and lawn mowers, but this video shows them at a cross roads as the two neighbors both move to new […]


Fun Ideas For The Perfect Bonfire Night

fire burns bright

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are falling. What a perfect time for a bonfire! Sometimes it's so nice to have your friends and family huddled around a toasty fire on a cool evening, roasting marshmallows and singing songs together. Songs To Sing Along If you need some suggestions for younger kids who […]


Hours Of Summer Fun With The Water Blob


Looking to get the kids outside on these hot summer days? Here's a fun try with the water blob. These have been getting more and more popular these days because they are don't cost much to make and can keep your kids entertained for hours in the sun. All you need is plastic sheeting and either […]


18 Beach Games for Your Family Vacation

A day at the beach is always huge fun for the whole family. If you booked two weeks of vacation and decided to spend every single one of them relaxing on the beach, then your little ones might mess with your plans because they need a little more action. Here's how you keep them busy […]


How To Throw An Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie night 2

Summer vacation is a time of extra fun for the kids as they are off of school.  With the perfect weather to enjoy an evening outside, why not plan an outdoor movie night and invite some friends to join in the fun? With just a little planning and preparation you can have an evening they'll […]

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Great Outdoor and Indoor Hopscotch

I remember loving hopscotch as a little girl. My friends and I would jump around happily every sunny afternoon until it was time to go home. Here are two versions of this classic game and some ideas on how to play it according to the children's ages. Outdoor Hopscotch with chalk Combine this active jumping […]


Fun Outdoor Aiming Game with Tin Cans

Here comes a fun, outdoor, aiming game that you and your kids can build yourselves. Start with coating different sizes of tin cans with white paper. Then you and your kids can get creative and draw on the tin cans whatever you like. After that, I added numbers to show how many points the different cans will […]


Beach Tips and Essentials with Kids

kids on beach

For me, as a Jersey girl, summer and beach trip for always been synonymous. Every year since, for as long as I can remember we would spend a week at the shore playing in the sand and ocean. I didn't realize when I was little, how much energy it took on my mom's part to […]


Must Read Summer Booklist For 8-12

book collage

For me growing up, summer was the best because you had more time to read all those books that weren't in the school curriculum. More opportunities to go to the library and read in the sun. Coming up with the top books I'd recommend was really difficult because there were just so many but it […]


We <3 Watermelon

This little guy knows what's good for him. Watermelon is a great and healthy summer snack. And not just that - it's great sensory fun to have a juicy bite and feel a sweet trickle of melon juice running down both arms. We think - nothing says SUMMER more than that. But they're not only […]