Where Can Children Learn About History? – History For Kids

History is a very important topic that teaches us all about our countries, cities and people. It lets us understand why our world has become what it is today. Especially for kids and young people it is even more important to understand what mistakes our ancestors have committed or what they made possible for us. […]


Back To School – Fun Ways To Make It Easy For Kids

Einschulung Feier - Back To school party

Starting school means a big change for children, no matter if the summer holidays are over or if the first school day of a child's life is imminent. But if you take a few rules into account, the changeover becomes a piece of cake for everyone involved. Preparing Your Child To Start School There are […]


Fun Ways Supporting A Child With Learning Needs

Children have a natural thirst for knowledge and love to experience and learn new things. However, it is difficult for some children to concentrate, to internalize and understand new facts. Fortunately, there are many ways and possibilities to support and encourage these children and show them that learning can be really fun. The Influence of […]


What to pack when going on holiday with kids

Hi, I am Enas, a mum to two wonderful kids that love to travel and visit new places. Today we want to share our experiences and tips about how to get organised for a holiday with your kids. It is always good to be mentally prepared and organized as much as possible in advance. The earlier you start the better it is […]


Top 9 Pregnancy Tips For New Mums

Being a first-time mum is an incredibly exciting experience, but it’s hard not to be scared of the adventure ahead of you. Whether you have a strong support network around you or you’re going it alone, pregancy can be incredibly scary for someone who has never done it before. In fact, it’s scary for those […]


Sweet dreams are made of this!

Reading a story to your children at snooze time is not only a good way to set down sleep patterns and calm them down, it will also encourage your child's speech and language development. Listening to stories can also improve social skills and empathy, especially if you aks questions like "What would you do?". For […]


Body Safety And How to Protect Your Child From Predators

Body Safety And How to Protect Your Child From Predators

Protecting our children from people that would hurt them is an ingrained response of parents. With all the terrible stories you see on the news, it can be a frightening feeling to let your kids out of your sight even for a little while. 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 8 boys will be […]


Homemade Cough Drops for Kids

homemade-coughdrops (1)

Cold season is no fun when you've got coughing, sniffling kids that don't feel well. Here's a simple solution to soothe those scratchy throats and hacking coughs that keep them up at night. Homemade Cough Drops. Yes it's simple enough to buy them at the store but isn't it nice to know what ingredients are […]


Making Age Appropriate Chores A Game!


Kids don't learn how to become responsible adults all on their own. It takes learning from adults who have been there, done that and are willing to take the time to show by their example. One of those important lessons is how to do chores. Kids don't wake up on their 18th birthday and suddenly […]


8 Tips To Make Drinking Water A Habit For Kids


Did you know that half of American kids these days aren't drinking enough water? Many teens won't drink just plain water and show significant signs of dehydration. When you don't get enough water, your body can't function the way it's supossed to. Hydrated kids have better mental clarity, more energy and less toxic build up in […]


Tips to make weaning easier for you and your baby!


Whenever you start to give your baby anything to supplement their feeding sessions at your breast, it is called weaning. Unless it's an emergency situation, weaning is best for you and your baby if done gradually. It depends on how much milk you are producing and how quickly you cut them down to know how long it will take to […]


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Facts About TV and Kids

good bad and ugly

A hot topic that needs to be addressed these days is about the relationship kids have with TV. Television in the 21st century has a completely different meaning than it did previously. People's go-to topics are usually about movies, TV shows, competitions on the screen or what's trending in the news. The question is no longer […]

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How To Start Your Baby On Solid Foods


Babies progress so fast in the first months of their lives. Sometimes it's hard to realize when they are changing, developing and ready to move to the next step. Introducing baby food is one of those quickly changing areas where questions begin to come up. Here, we answer some of the big questions on your baby's transition to […]