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Homemade Cough Drops for Kids

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Cold season is no fun when you've got coughing, sniffling kids that don't feel well. Here's a simple solution to soothe those scratchy throats and hacking coughs that keep them up at night. Homemade Cough Drops. Yes it's simple enough to buy them at the store but isn't it nice to know what ingredients are […]


Making Age Appropriate Chores A Game!


Kids don't learn how to become responsible adults all on their own. It takes learning from adults who have been there, done that and are willing to take the time to show by their example. One of those important lessons is how to do chores. Kids don't wake up on their 18th birthday and suddenly […]


8 Tips To Make Drinking Water A Habit For Kids


Did you know that half of American kids these days aren't drinking enough water? Many teens won't drink just plain water and show significant signs of dehydration. When you don't get enough water, your body can't function the way it's supossed to. Hydrated kids have better mental clarity, more energy and less toxic build up in […]


Tips to make weaning easier for you and your baby!


Whenever you start to give your baby anything to supplement their feeding sessions at your breast, it is called weaning. Unless it's an emergency situation, weaning is best for you and your baby if done gradually. It depends on how much milk you are producing and how quickly you cut them down to know how long it will take to […]


How To Start Your Baby On Solid Foods


Babies progress so fast in the first months of their lives. Sometimes it's hard to realize when they are changing, developing and ready to move to the next step. Introducing baby food is one of those quickly changing areas where questions begin to come up. Here, we answer some of the big questions on your baby's transition to […]


How To Workout When You Have A New Baby

Having a baby is obviously a life changing experience and for mama, a body changing experience as well. Getting back in shape after your baby is born can be difficult when so much of your time is spent holding, taking care of and getting to know your new little one. But why not multitask and use […]


Awesome Baby Hair: Tips For First Haircut

A kids first haircut can be a pretty traumatic experience. Having a stranger come at you with a pair of scissors can be a terrifying experience if their aren't prepared. Here's a few quick tips: 1. Give them warning ahead of time. Let them watch you getting a trim or maybe play hairdresser in front […]

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8 Tips for Making Hand Washing Fun

Germs are everywhere! It's that time of year with the weather changing and holiday stress when little ones start to get sick. The hard part is that they don't understand when they wipe snot across their face with their little hand, that they are making it worse! If it hasn't happened yet, now is a […]


Help Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

making resolutions

As the new year gets closer, people often start thinking about the resolutions they want the make. Everyone wants to use this opportunity to make a fresh start. But everyone knows that resolutions are often broken and soon after they're made. How about teaching your kids how to make goals for the new year in […]


Is Santa real? – Tricky Christmas Questions and How to Answer Them

Christmas is not only the time of love and family; it’s also the time when the big old man with the long white beard makes children behave like little angles. But what if they start doubting the existence of Santa? Here are some original answers for tricky questions that your young ones might ask around […]


Kid Friendly Christmas Tree Alternatives

kid friendly

One struggle every parent of young children have at Christmas time is how to maintain a Christmas tree throughout the entire season when little hands are made for destruction. Here are a few kid friendly tree alternatives and some they can help create if they are a bit older. These trees made of felt are actually […]


10 Interesting Facts About Kids You Probably Didn’t Know

Children are these wonderful, questioning, fulfilling, exasperating, inspiring, exhausting, loving, little people that enter our lives and change them forever. Here are some little known facts about them. As you read, you will probably be nodding your head and thinking, 'Well, that makes sense.' 1. 2. 3. 4.  5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.   


12 Inspiring Quotes About Kids


Sometimes with kids it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget for a moment what really matters. In this season of thanksgiving, we're trying to bring some perspective to what can sometimes seem like never ending chaos. Here are some quotes about kids to bring you back to what it's all […]


Beach Tips and Essentials with Kids

kids on beach

For me, as a Jersey girl, summer and beach trip for always been synonymous. Every year since, for as long as I can remember we would spend a week at the shore playing in the sand and ocean. I didn't realize when I was little, how much energy it took on my mom's part to […]


Very Funny International Animal Sounds For Kids

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It's so funny when your baby is learning how to make animal sounds. Sometimes our house sounds like a barnyard with all the 'Moo's,' 'Woof's,' 'Baa's,' etc. But living somewhere other than the US has given me a new perspective and I realized that animal noises are represented different ways in different languages. I thought it'd […]