Where Can Children Learn About History? – History For Kids

History is a very important topic that teaches us all about our countries, cities and people. It lets us understand why our world has become what it is today. Especially for kids and young people it is even more important to understand what mistakes our ancestors have committed or what they made possible for us. […]


New Year’s Mocktails For Kids

kids cocktails

Toast to the New Year with some delicious non-alcoholic cocktails your kids will love. All you'll need is some juice, syrup and fruit to decorate, maybe also cocktail umbrellas. For the sugar rim, I asked my niece to moisten the rim with a lemon slice and then had her dip it into the sugar. Triple […]


The Snow Man’s Hot Bath – Hot Chocolate Drink For Kids

Hot Drinks For Kids

Winter is here! Is it snowing in your area yet? Take your kids outside and have a walk through the white powder covered neighborhood. Have a snowball fight. Build a snowman and then invite it in for some hot chocolate. Wait... what? Yes, that's right. Indulge yourself and your little ones and have some marshmallow snowman hot chocolate.    […]


20 Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Kids

best Christmas movies for kids

There is nothing better during the Festive Season, then snuggle together next to the crackling sound of a fireplace or the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie.  We have come up with 20 family favorite Christmas movies to watch this festive season. 48 Christmas […]


20 Best Christmas Songs For Kids With Lyrics

20 Christmas Songs For Kids

Christmas is the most inspiring and festive period in the year. Let us keep Christmas full of Love and joy, especially for our kids. Let us teach our kids what Christmas is all about in nice and fun way and there is nothing better and easier then singing songs with kids.  The songs that we […]


12 Matching Family Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas time should be cuddly and cozy for children and adults. Therefore, an American tradition is to wear matching Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Day. In the morning of the 25th of December, the presents will be unpacked. The whole family wears their Christmas pyjamas and there is a very cozy atomsphere. Wearing these outfits, the […]


Fun Christmas Card Ideas That Kids Can Make

Christmas Cards easy DIY with kids

Christmas Cards are a nice way to send Christmas greetings during the festive season, especially if your family and friends don't live near you.  Christmas Cards are definitely more appreciated if they are handmade and in particular if made by your little ones.  It's heartwarming to receive a Christmas card made a child, who has […]


Gift Ideas For Girls

Best Gift Ideas For Girls

Are you looking for a gift for your daughter? Are you having something in mind but still don't know if you really should buy it? You do want to make her happy but you don't want just to buy something, right? Sometimes it is easy to find inspiration since your kids will exactly tell you […]


10 Fun Autumn Activities For Kids

Autumn has many facets. Warm and sunny days that feel like summer, windy days that blow colorful leaves through the air and rainy days that are cold, grey and not very inviting for any outdoor activities. With children there are so many things to do in autumn, indoors, as well as outdoors. We would like […]


Beautiful Autumn Craft Ideas For Kids

Autumn time is craft time! When it's cold and rainy outside, it is a great idea to do some autumn crafts with your kids. You need some autumn craft ideas? Then just have a look at our inspiration! The Scarecrow This funny scarecrow is made out of a cupcake liner, yarn, construction paper and googly […]


5 Autumn Recipes Your Kids Will Fall For

Autumn is the time of delicious dishes that warm up the body. There are many amazing autumn recipes for kids you should try out. Have a look at our following autumn food suggestions your kids will surely love... Pumpkin Soup This pumpkin soup is perfect to wam up your kid's bodies. What you will need: oil 1/2 […]


Amazing Halloween Costumes For Kids

Dressing up for Halloween is such a fun tradition but sometimes at the end of the day, I feel like my creativity has run out. If you're in the same boat as me, here are a few suggestions for really unique costumes that might help spark some imagination. We have selected DIY Halloween Costumes and Prefabricated […]


Back To School – Fun Ways To Make It Easy For Kids

Einschulung Feier - Back To school party

Starting school means a big change for children, no matter if the summer holidays are over or if the first school day of a child's life is imminent. But if you take a few rules into account, the changeover becomes a piece of cake for everyone involved. Preparing Your Child To Start School There are […]


Top 10 Children’s Dinosaur Movies (2019)

Dinosaurs are fascinating animals. Many children are totally impressed by those giant creatures - that's why watching dinosaur movies is one of the favourite activities of many kids, especially of boys. In the following you will find the best Top 10 Dinosaur Movies you can watch with your kids: 1. My Pet Dinosaur This Australian […]


Cucumber Carving – 5 Easy and Quick Ways to Decorate Kids Plate

Simples ways to get kids eat vegetables

There are so many fascinating pictures of food carvings out there and I was looking for something to make a normal lunch or dinner a bit more special. But let's be honest, no one has the time or talent to create works of art out of a watermelon. That's why I proudly present 5 very […]


The Best Free Online Games For Kids

online racing games for kids-2

Are you looking for online games for your kids? We found a page that we recommend, where you can play online games for the whole family. On this page you will find several online games that are kid friendly. You as a parent can find kids games that fit your child's age. Boys and girls both […]


7 Audio Programs Kids Will Love!


As a kid, I have a vivid memory of carrying around my little, red, Sony tape recorder, listening to books on tape and radio theater programs. I loved it. I would clean my whole bedroom while listening to stories. Times have changed. There are tons of ways to access audio story times and programs for kids. Typically […]