Top 10 Children’s Dinosaur Movies (2019)

Dinosaurs are fascinating animals. Many children are totally impressed by those giant creatures - that's why watching dinosaur movies is one of the favourite activities of many kids, especially of boys. In the following you will find the best Top 10 Dinosaur Movies you can watch with your kids: 1. My Pet Dinosaur This Australian […]


The Best Free Online Games For Kids

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Are you looking for online games for your kids? We found a page that we recommend, where you can play online games for the whole family. On this page you will find several online games that are kid friendly. You as a parent can find kids games that fit your child's age. Boys and girls both […]


7 Audio Programs Kids Will Love!


As a kid, I have a vivid memory of carrying around my little, red, Sony tape recorder, listening to books on tape and radio theater programs. I loved it. I would clean my whole bedroom while listening to stories. Times have changed. There are tons of ways to access audio story times and programs for kids. Typically […]


6 Wordless Books to Spark the Imagination

Wordless Books to spark the Imagination

For a little kid, it can be difficult to sit still long enough to read an entire book. Sometimes the words just get tangled in their brains and they'd rather move on to something more interesting and hands on. That's where wordless picture books come in! Looking at a wordless book with your kids can […]


Must Read Summer Booklist For 8-12

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For me growing up, summer was the best because you had more time to read all those books that weren't in the school curriculum. More opportunities to go to the library and read in the sun. Coming up with the top books I'd recommend was really difficult because there were just so many but it […]