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Top 10 Children’s Dinosaur Movies (2019)

Dinosaurs are fascinating animals. Many children are totally impressed by those giant creatures - that's why watching dinosaur movies is one of the favourite activities of many kids, especially of boys. In the following you will find the best Top 10 Dinosaur Movies you can watch with your kids: 1. My Pet Dinosaur This Australian […]


Sweet dreams are made of this!

Reading a story to your children at snooze time is not only a good way to set down sleep patterns and calm them down, it will also encourage your child's speech and language development. Listening to stories can also improve social skills and empathy, especially if you aks questions like "What would you do?". For […]


Flick it: Game With The Law Of Motion

flick it 3

This is a little game we call 'Flick It'. Great fun and adaptable to any location. We put a piece of sturdy cardboard over the top of a glass, place different objects on top and try to flick the cardboard straight out so the object falls into the glass.  It's actually based on the law of […]


Trending: peach covered baby bums!

Trending: peach covered baby bums

Instagram is perfect for documenting your kid's lives and sharing it with the world. But this new trend in Japan has just upped the cuteness factor by adding peaches. Kodomono is a Japanese photo company who started the trend with a baby peach bum replacement photo contest. The peach hashtag took off with tons pictures […]


Watch a little girls response to a doll that looks like her.


Growing up, it's great fun to have a doll that looks similar to you. It's something to relate to and make you feel special. For 10 year old Emma Bennet who wears a prosthetic leg, it was a little more challenging. American Girl Dolls have almost every combination of skin color, hair color and texture […]


Awesome Baby Hair: Tips For First Haircut

A kids first haircut can be a pretty traumatic experience. Having a stranger come at you with a pair of scissors can be a terrifying experience if their aren't prepared. Here's a few quick tips: 1. Give them warning ahead of time. Let them watch you getting a trim or maybe play hairdresser in front […]

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Kids Clothes: Then And Now

clothes through time

Do you remember when you were little, looking at old family pictures and thinking how funny your parents dressed when they were younger? Styles come in and go back out. I remember a pair of wedge shoes I wanted when I was a teenager that my mom really didn't like. She had some that were similar at […]


Unique Snowmen Ideas To Build With Kids

funniest snowman

One of the fun things to looking forward to snow is anticipating your first snowman. But why stick with the traditional old Frosty with his corn-cob pipe when there are so many unique inspirations out there?   Why not shake up the neighborhood a little bit with these unexpected snowmen that look like they're on a mission? […]


Priceless Pictures Of Kids Meeting Santa

Christmas is such a new and exciting time for little ones and the idea of Santa Claus brings a lot of joy... until faced with the bearded man in red himself. There are a few ideas of why little kids are afraid of Santa. Of course it's your choice whether you want to subject your […]


33 Photos That Prove Children Can Sleep Anywhere

33 photos

Being a kid is real work and there are times you just need to take a moment and close your matter where you are. Even if your kids struggle to take naps at regular times, there will come that time when they just can't help but give in to fight. Between being too tired to bother […]


Adorable Ballerina’s Take The Stage Despite All Odds


A lot of little girls go through a phase where they dream of being a graceful ballerina. For some little girls with disabilities, it might seem like an impossible dream. But thanks to a Children's Therapy Center in New Jersey, these girls are accomplishing their dreams and making there parents proud. These adorable little ballerina's take the […]


Age Doesn’t Matter When You’re Best Friends

old man little boy friendshipold man little boy friendship

89 year old Erling Kindem and 3 year old Emmett Rychner became best friends one summer over a mutual appreciation for growing (and eating) tomatoes. This unlikely pair formed a bond over baseball, bikes, croquet and lawn mowers, but this video shows them at a cross roads as the two neighbors both move to new […]


How To Throw An Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie night 2

Summer vacation is a time of extra fun for the kids as they are off of school.  With the perfect weather to enjoy an evening outside, why not plan an outdoor movie night and invite some friends to join in the fun? With just a little planning and preparation you can have an evening they'll […]

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Great Outdoor and Indoor Hopscotch

I remember loving hopscotch as a little girl. My friends and I would jump around happily every sunny afternoon until it was time to go home. Here are two versions of this classic game and some ideas on how to play it according to the children's ages. Outdoor Hopscotch with chalk Combine this active jumping […]