Top 10 Children’s Dinosaur Movies (2019)

Dinosaurs are fascinating animals. Many children are totally impressed by those giant creatures - that's why watching dinosaur movies is one of the favourite activities of many kids, especially of boys. In the following you will find the best Top 10 Dinosaur Movies you can watch with your kids: 1. My Pet Dinosaur This Australian […]


Flick it: Game With The Law Of Motion

flick it 3

This is a little game we call 'Flick It'. Great fun and adaptable to any location. We put a piece of sturdy cardboard over the top of a glass, place different objects on top and try to flick the cardboard straight out so the object falls into the glass.  It's actually based on the law of […]


Watch a little girls response to a doll that looks like her.


Growing up, it's great fun to have a doll that looks similar to you. It's something to relate to and make you feel special. For 10 year old Emma Bennet who wears a prosthetic leg, it was a little more challenging. American Girl Dolls have almost every combination of skin color, hair color and texture […]


Kids Clothes: Then And Now

clothes through time

Do you remember when you were little, looking at old family pictures and thinking how funny your parents dressed when they were younger? Styles come in and go back out. I remember a pair of wedge shoes I wanted when I was a teenager that my mom really didn't like. She had some that were similar at […]


Adorable Ballerina’s Take The Stage Despite All Odds


A lot of little girls go through a phase where they dream of being a graceful ballerina. For some little girls with disabilities, it might seem like an impossible dream. But thanks to a Children's Therapy Center in New Jersey, these girls are accomplishing their dreams and making there parents proud. These adorable little ballerina's take the […]


Age Doesn’t Matter When You’re Best Friends

old man little boy friendshipold man little boy friendship

89 year old Erling Kindem and 3 year old Emmett Rychner became best friends one summer over a mutual appreciation for growing (and eating) tomatoes. This unlikely pair formed a bond over baseball, bikes, croquet and lawn mowers, but this video shows them at a cross roads as the two neighbors both move to new […]


How To Throw An Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie night 2

Summer vacation is a time of extra fun for the kids as they are off of school.  With the perfect weather to enjoy an evening outside, why not plan an outdoor movie night and invite some friends to join in the fun? With just a little planning and preparation you can have an evening they'll […]

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Kids Hilarious Reactions To International Food

When it comes to food, we all have different tastes that we like and don't and kids are known to be considerably more picky. Watch a brave few kids attempt to down breakfasts from around the world. Their reactions range from delight to disgust but the results are truly funny. Who knows, maybe it will inspire […]


Disappearing Toothpick

disappearing toothpick 3

Need a little magic to brighten your kids' day? How about a little slight of hand? This trick is great for adults to show children but also then for the kids to try it themselves. It's very simple once you know what's happening behind the scenes. Tape a toothpick to the back of you thumb […]


Honest Kids Tell The Worst Things Their Mommy Says

worst things mom says

We all have those moments we're not so proud of. And if you're a parent, it's pretty likely that someday it will happen in front of your youngsters. When asked what was the worst thing they every heard their mother say, these kids weren't afraid to be honest to the camera. It's a good reminder […]


Both Sweet And Sour: Babies Reaction To Lemons For The First Time

lemon baby 1

What would you say is the funniest fruit? I would put my vote on lemons...when given to babies. Their sweet little faces can't help but betray their true feelings. Here's a few photo reactions of first time lemon triers. We were inspired to see if these babies are for real by testing it on our own […]


Cereal Eating Machine

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Kids need energy to concentrate at school or to jump around on the playground, so it's no wonder that parents want them to have a proper breakfast every morning. This father takes breakfast very seriousy too, but also takes into consideration the time factor. Less time […]



balloon on a skewer

Looking for a way to liven up a party with kids? This trick will have them cringing in anticipations and then gasping in awe at your sweet skills. You only need a skewer, a balloon and a little dish detergent. Make sure you don't blow up the balloon any bigger than the length of your […]


Magical Self-moving Toothpick Star

toothpick star 4

Here's a fun and easy experiment to do with your kids in a slow moment of the day. All you need is five toothpicks, a plate, a straw and a glass of water. Snap your toothpicks in half but don't separate them completely. Arrange the broken toothpicks equally apart in a circle. Use the straw […]