10 Reasons To Involve The Kids In The Kitchen

Why should we cook with our kids? Getting kids involved in cooking is helping them to develop their fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, learning what is healthy and what is not and even early concepts of math and science.  They love activities in the kitchen because they can use all their senses. There are many […]


How To Make Fake Snow For Kids

How to make snow with kids

Now that winter is officially here I'm ready for some snow! I love snow but usually only for the first time every winter. I only like it when it's pretty and white and when I can stay inside and look at it from my window while sipping hot cocoa. Then I saw this cute indoor […]


The Snow Man’s Hot Bath – Hot Chocolate Drink For Kids

Hot Drinks For Kids

Winter is here! Is it snowing in your area yet? Take your kids outside and have a walk through the white powder covered neighborhood. Have a snowball fight. Build a snowman and then invite it in for some hot chocolate. Wait... what? Yes, that's right. Indulge yourself and your little ones and have some marshmallow snowman hot chocolate.    […]


Veilig van A naar B? Ga voor de juiste kinderstoel

De veiligheid van je kinderen staat altijd voorop, zeker in het verkeer. En hoewel je er natuurlijk niet aan wilt denken, kan er altijd iets gebeuren. De nummer één methode om ernstige gevolgen te voorkomen is de autostoel. Maar hoe kies je de beste autostoel en welke is geschikt voor jouw kind? Eén van de […]


Mini-Moods: Dealing With A Troubled Child

Being a parent has a very steep learning curve, and most people getting into this sort of role have to work extremely hard to pick up the skills they need as early into the game as possible. You will have to deal with challenges which you’ve never experienced in the past, and will probably have […]


How To Study With A Baby

  Having a baby is no reason to give up on education goals. Whilst it’s much harder to study whilst looking after an infant, it’s not impossible and many parents manage it. Here are a few ways in which you can manage your studies whilst looking after your little one.   Study online Nowadays, it’s […]


Top 9 Pregnancy Tips For New Mums

Being a first-time mum is an incredibly exciting experience, but it’s hard not to be scared of the adventure ahead of you. Whether you have a strong support network around you or you’re going it alone, pregancy can be incredibly scary for someone who has never done it before. In fact, it’s scary for those […]


Want To Be A Work-At-Home Mom? Read This

When you first become a mom, your mind is often on all things motherhood. And that can be enough to keep you busy for a while. But before long, you might start to realize that things are tough. And that you don’t overly have a balance. And that you might want to make a change. […]


15 Awesome Activities In The Woods For Kids

Back to the roots! Literally. Here are some fun activities that make a day out in the woods unforgettable for your whole family. Having a stroll through a nearby forest or making a field trip with a picnic are nice ideas - and with some of our unique activities, you can pimp up your day […]


32 ‘Spook’tacular Halloween Party Foods For Kids

Pumpkin Puke, Bloody Hot dogs fingers, Halloween Burgers

Hosting a Halloween Party for your kids this year? Cool, let make it really 'Spook'tacular with these tasty treats for kids. I am sure your kids and their friends will love it. Halloween is all about having fun with our friends, families and neighbours. An event that we always look forward to enjoy with our […]


Strum Along On Your Homemade Guitar

homemade guitar

Music is so important for growth in kids of all ages. So why not get them a head start toward their future in appreciation of music. You might not be prepared to shell out the money for a high quality instrument yet, but making your own musical instrument might be even cooler. Here's our step by […]


7 Audio Programs Kids Will Love!


As a kid, I have a vivid memory of carrying around my little, red, Sony tape recorder, listening to books on tape and radio theater programs. I loved it. I would clean my whole bedroom while listening to stories. Times have changed. There are tons of ways to access audio story times and programs for kids. Typically […]


Sweet dreams are made of this!

Reading a story to your children at snooze time is not only a good way to set down sleep patterns and calm them down, it will also encourage your child's speech and language development. Listening to stories can also improve social skills and empathy, especially if you aks questions like "What would you do?". For […]


How to Build the Most Amazing Sandcastles with Pro Gadgets

Here come a bunch of great ideas, amazing gadgets and a how-to explanation for your kid's next, most amazing sandcastle. Whether it's a nice sunny day, the next summer vacation, Memorial Day or July 4th - a trip to the beach is always great fun for the whole family. With sand and water in abundance, what […]


Once Upon A Time Story Stones

story stones 3

Who doesn't love a good story? Kids are almost always ready for a funny tale or exciting adventure. But sometimes when it comes to inventing one of their own, it can be tough to get started. Story stones can help with that. I saw this idea and couldn't wait to make some of our own. […]


Balloon Popper Game

Balloon popper

Need a quick and easy distraction for your kids that doesn't break the bank? This will keep them entertained for a bit with just a few household supplies. Take a balloon and cut off a small piece of the end so the neck fits over the paper towel tube. We used balls of duct tape […]