We can unanimously agree, that Malta has a rich history. It is therefore only natural that Malta has many museums. In order to encourage families to visit Museums, Heritage Malta has recently introduced a free card for all primary school students. You might all agree that children learn more when they see and have a […]


Things To Do In Germany With Kids

Are you planning to travel Germany with your kids? If so then go for it! If you have never been in Germany yet, then now is the time, since there are lots of activities that you can do with your kids in Germany. Germany is a country with lovely nature, amazing castles, nice theme parks […]


Kids Market for Kids – The Bubble Festival 2019

  This is an opportunity for kids to experience being vendors for the day. Items that can be sold are:- Pre loved toys, books and carnival costumes. All must be in good condition;- Kids own handmade crafts;- Home made cookies, cakes, small treats and lemonade. Kindly note all food at the festival must be vegan. […]

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Get Your Children Moving With Malta’s SportsKidz

Doesn’t it often feel that we are fighting a losing battle against the onslaught of screens when trying to keep our children fit and healthy? With the highest childhood obesity rate in Europe, we in Malta must be particularly concerned about how we challenge this trend in our children. The answer? SportsKidz – starting again […]


14 Amazing Family Friendly Events You Must Take Your Kids To When Visiting Malta

Before you continue reading, just grab your diary and a pen and take note of these fantastic events happening in Malta till the end of the year. Some of the events are now fixed in the Maltese calendar, whilst others are relatively new or differ depending on the time of year. 1. Fort Manoel Open […]


2019 Halloween Events To Visit In Malta

2019 Halloween Events Malta

These last couple of years Halloween has grown in popularity in Malta and with it came the organization of events and parties.  These activities are normally held on the 31st October and during the mid-term break, that is 1st and 2nd November.  Here are some of the activities happening during the mid-term holidays: 1. Valletta […]


Playgrounds in Malta

Children need exercise, sunshine and socialization amongst other things. The best ways to incorporate these three things in your child's routine, is to take them to a playground.  Luckily, Malta being a small island, you are always a short drive away from a playground, and in the majority of cases there is a playground in […]


Cucumber Carving – 5 Easy and Quick Ways to Decorate Kids Plate

Simples ways to get kids eat vegetables

There are so many fascinating pictures of food carvings out there and I was looking for something to make a normal lunch or dinner a bit more special. But let's be honest, no one has the time or talent to create works of art out of a watermelon. That's why I proudly present 5 very […]


Things to do in Seville with kids

Barcelona was always my number one favourite city but after visiting Seville, which is the largest and Capital City in Andalusia I changed my mind. What a gorgeous city Seville is. Seville has some absolutely stunning old towns, which are full of a maze of narrow and colourful streets and tall, amazing buildings wherever you […]


The Best Free Online Games For Kids

online racing games for kids-2

Are you looking for online games for your kids? We found a page that we recommend, where you can play online games for the whole family. On this page you will find several online games that are kid friendly. You as a parent can find kids games that fit your child's age. Boys and girls both […]


What to pack when going on holiday with kids

Hi, I am Enas, a mum to two wonderful kids that love to travel and visit new places. Today we want to share our experiences and tips about how to get organised for a holiday with your kids. It is always good to be mentally prepared and organized as much as possible in advance. The earlier you start the better it is […]


Peppa Pig World UK- Fun for the Whole Family

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house, than you know that visiting Peppa and George in Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park would be the greatest surprise. You'll make your kids' dreams come true. Peppa Pig World has 9 rides for young and old. We can assure you, you'll come away with […]


Osterzopf – Sweet German Easter Bread

Osterzopf - A Traditional German Easter Bread Doesn't this look super yummy? If you have seen enough of eggs this Easter and long for something to satisfy your kids' and your own sweet tooth, then try out this traditional German recipe - the "Osterzopf" (from German Ostern - Easter, Zopf - braid). It's a simple […]


10 Reasons To Involve The Kids In The Kitchen

Why should we cook with our kids? Getting kids involved in cooking is helping them to develop their fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, learning what is healthy and what is not and even early concepts of math and science.  They love activities in the kitchen because they can use all their senses. There are many […]


How To Make Fake Snow For Kids

How to make snow with kids

Now that winter is officially here I'm ready for some snow! I love snow but usually only for the first time every winter. I only like it when it's pretty and white and when I can stay inside and look at it from my window while sipping hot cocoa. Then I saw this cute indoor […]


Veilig van A naar B? Ga voor de juiste kinderstoel

De veiligheid van je kinderen staat altijd voorop, zeker in het verkeer. En hoewel je er natuurlijk niet aan wilt denken, kan er altijd iets gebeuren. De nummer één methode om ernstige gevolgen te voorkomen is de autostoel. Maar hoe kies je de beste autostoel en welke is geschikt voor jouw kind? Eén van de […]


Mini-Moods: Dealing With A Troubled Child

Being a parent has a very steep learning curve, and most people getting into this sort of role have to work extremely hard to pick up the skills they need as early into the game as possible. You will have to deal with challenges which you’ve never experienced in the past, and will probably have […]


How To Study With A Baby

  Having a baby is no reason to give up on education goals. Whilst it’s much harder to study whilst looking after an infant, it’s not impossible and many parents manage it. Here are a few ways in which you can manage your studies whilst looking after your little one.   Study online Nowadays, it’s […]