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Are you looking for online games for your kids? We found a page that we recommend, where you can play online games for the whole family. On this page you will find several online games that are kid friendly. You as a parent can find kids games that fit your child’s age. Boys and girls both can find games that fit their individual interests. 

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For girls, you can find the lates girls online games, such as Baking Games, Cooking Games, Makeover Games and Dress Up Games. This is really great if you have a girl at home that loves to play with dolls, to dress up as a princess or loves to use make up but you don’t want her to use it on her face. 

By letting her practice with games online you might discover a make up artist or a stylist in her, without her needing to actually use it on her self. What a great idea. She can practice what she loves and you can relax that she’s not using it on herself. 

Of course, these lovely games can be played by anyone. If you also enjoy dressing up or are a fan of fashion, why not try it with her? Whatever your preference, you will find something that will bring joy for both of you. There are dozens of free make-up and total makeover games for you and your kids. These beauty and fashion games will empower the whole family no matter what gender, young or old. Enjoy the time with your kids, if you have a lazy day just experimenting with new looks and became a fashion designer or a stylist.  

Don’t forget to explore other kids games such as the world of cooking with endless classes. You might get a great chef that can surprise the family with your new talents. Or you can teach your kids how to cook and explore the world of Online Cooking. Watch out, you might get hungry and want to try it out in real life with your kids. 

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Online kids games come in all shapes and sizes. If you have younger kids you will find games such as colouring, puzzles, quizzes, memory games and much more.

If your kids love to create something new and special you will also find a game they can do, like Build a beast. They can invent a completely new animal that can develop their fantasy. 

Whatever type you are looking for, you will defiantly find a free game for your kids that they will enjoy. Most important is that younger kids should not be left alone and it would be great if you join the fun as well when they play. With some games, kids can practice hand-eye coordination. And if your kids are really brave and you don’t mind if they want a challenge, you can also let them play scary games. I am not a big fan of games like this to be honest, but that is my opinion. 

Playing Games Online also keep your kids up to date with their friends. You might find games like Bart Simpson, Inside Pudding Land, a matching game from the world of Inside Out, or themed games from My little Pony. My little Pony is one of the top games for young and old. 

And don’t worry so much if your kids are playing online as long as they are supervised and you always have an eye on them. Make sure you choose a game that is also educational so that they have a chance to learn something. This is a great opportunity for them to pick up new knowledge and information. 

Little kids can play with shapes and colors in ColorCode, and navigate the Tower of Logic. Or they can develop important skills. So whether it’s typing, learning, cooking, or car games you are looking for, you’ll find dozens of kids games.

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Have you ever played Mahjong

Mahjong Connect is a game for young and old. It is a unique version of the classic board game. It is a bit challenging but if you like to think and plan ahead I’m sure you’ll love it since it requires both strategy and quick hand-eye coordination. Playing this game together will teach your kids these skills and is a great game for developing brains.

The game is all about matching tiles by connecting them with a pathway. Can you beat the time with your kids? Are you able to match tiles while you fight to keep up with the clock? Challenge yourself and your kids to clear the board before time runs out and see who is faster in this game. Make it a race.

Enjoy your online gaming with your kids.