Did you know that, the majority of restaurants on the Maltese islands are family friendly and offer a kids menu? If they don’t offer a kids menu, one can ask if they can do a small portion for your child or else bring a side plate to share your meal. The majority will be delighted to help.

However, there are restaurants that offer an additional attraction to families by having a play area. Dining out has to be an enjoyable experience, even when one has children. For young children to remain seated for a couple of hours whilst dining, can be boring, so having a restaurant that offers a play area is definitely a plus. Children can have fun in the play area, whilst waiting for the food to come out, whilst the parents can chat and relax. What better way to spend some quality time with the family?!

Below we have listed all the restaurants that have play areas and are family friendly restaurants in Malta:

1. Beano's Restaurant - Marsascala

Marsacala is situated in the south of Malta. A seaside village, which in the last few years, has transformed itself from a summer residence area into an all year round residence. The population, is composed by many young families, therefore the area has developed good family friendly places.

One of these places is Beano’s restaurant. It offers both an indoor and outdoor play area. Both areas are spacious, with the outside area having swings, bouncy castle and a treehouse, which will definitely be a favourite with the kids.

2. Zeffie's Bistro & Pizzeria - Zabbar

Zabbar is situated in the south of Malta, to the east by Marsascala and to the south by Zejtun. It has the largest population of the surrounding localities. The locality of Zabbar is surrounded by history.

In Zabbar, one can visit the Zabbar Sanctuary Museum , which homes various items of the remains of an airplane crash which happened back in 1975. The Vulcan B. 2, XM645 of No.9 Squadron RAF, exploded over the village with many parts falling over the school and in the main street of Zabbar. The explosion claimed five lives – five were crew members and one was a civilian who was hit by an electricity cable torn by a falling wing. No children were hurt during this accident.

Zeffie’s Bistro & Pizzeria is located on the outskirts of Zabbar and offers not only good food at affordable prices but also a nicely decorated indoor play area. With it’s colorful walls and decorations, it offers a safe and stimulating environment for children to play, whilst parents enjoy their dinner.

3. Karavan (formely known as Sunset) Restaurant - Fgura

Karavan Restaurant Fgura

The town of Fgura is situated in the south of Malta and is one of the mostly populated towns in Malta.

Despite, Fgura seems to be a relative new town, built in the 1960s, the town has prehistoric roots, dating back to the Phoenicians.  Fgura, nowadays is mostly residential, with its main road being mostly commercial.

In this town, we find Karavan restaurant (at the time of writing this post it was undergoing refurbishment works and targeted to open in September 2019), formerly known as Sunset Restaurant.  

This restaurant is the only Autisim Friendly restaurant on the island.

The menu offers a selection of pizzas and turkish food.

4. iPlace Marsaxlokk

iPlace Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village in the south of Malta. Make sure to visit on Sunday morning, when there is the market with a variety of freshly caught fish. You can have fun with the kids, by spotting the different kinds of fish on the stalls, and then enjoy a relaxed lunch at iPlace.

iPlace does not have an indoor play area, however if you have older kids who enjoy playing online games, then it’s the right place for you. The restaurant’s menu is on an iPad, which also has the online games. Older children will definitely be entertained.

5. Playmobil Fun Park - Hal Far

Playmobil FunPark Hal Far

Hal Far is situated a few kilometers away from the Malta International Airport.  It is an industrial estate and it is highly recommended to use your own car, if you would like to visit the Playmobil Fun Park.

I am sure your children have at least once in their lifetime played with playmobil toys.

The Fun Park is an extension of the factory.  Your kids will definitely enjoy spending the day playing either inside or even outside.  They will spend hours of fun, on board the pirate ship and climbing up and down the house situated outside.

Within the Fun Park, you will also find a restaurant, which has obviously a kids menu.

6. Funland Restaurant - St Julian's / Paceville

Paceville is a district within St. Julian’s and is the main nightlife hub in Malta with numerous nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Paceville is located between Spinola Point and Dragonara Point.

Funland is situated on the outskirts of Paceville and a few minutes walk from Spinola Bay. It has one of Malta’s largest indoor play area. The play area does not only have a soft play area, but also a large trampoline and a space simulator. Whatever the age of your children, at Funland restaurant they will definitely enjoy themselves.

7. Three Black Sheep - Swieqi

Three Black Sheep Restaurant Swieqi

Swieqi is a residential area, a few minutes by bus from Sliema and within walking distance from Paceville and St Julian’s.  Swieqi is relatively new area, with modern houses and apartments.

In this village, you find Three Black Sheep restaurant.  This friendly restaurant offers a play area, and during the summer months on can also enjoy the pool.  With ample food choice, this will definitely become one of your favorite restaurants to visit with your kids.

8. Flamin` Joe's - Msida

Msida is a harbour town, just 2.5km from the capital city of Valletta. The name Msida, got it’s name from the Arabic, which means “a fisherman’s dwelling”, since Msida was in the past a fishing village.

Nowadays, Msida attracts thousands of students daily as it hosts the University of Malta in the area called Tal-Qroqq and the Junior College on the other side. The lower part of Msida is in a valley and is a highly traffic area during the weekdays. It is not recommended to visit Msida when it rains heavily, since it is a valley and rain water from neighbouring towns finds its way towards the sea.

Flamin` Joe’s is situated in the outskirts of Msida, towards the neighbouring town of Birkirkara. It is easily reached by public transport and following lunch/dinner can opt to take the bus to Valletta for some more fun.

This American style – Sports bar Restaurant will definitely make it on your list for restaurants with an indoor play area. The American style decor will in itself make it appealing to children, who would definitely enjoy it. The restaurant also has an indoor soft play area, which is a plus. Parking is quite easy to find, making it a parents` favorite too.

9. Tramici Restaurant - Birkirkara

Tramici Restaurant Birkirkara

Birkirkara is one of the largest, oldest and most heavily populated towns in Malta. An interesting place to visit which the children will definitely enjoy, it the Old Railway Station, which has recently been restored. It is located within a public garden, with an outdoor play area and restaurant.

Birkirkara has grown throughout the years and become an important commercial centre with various clothing shops and offices.

So if you happen to be shopping in Birkirkara, with kids in tow, why don’t you treat them at Tramici Restaurant! Situated on the first floor of the restaurant, the play area is not large but offers some entertainment for the kids. The glass partition makes it easy, for parents to keep an eye on the kids whilst enjoying lunch or dinner.

10. Nom Nom - Birkirkara

Birkirkara is one of the largest towns in Malta and throughout the years it has developed into a commercial centre. A mixture of modern establishments and old buildings characterize this town. Birkirkara is not only a commercial centre, but also one can walk through some narrow streets and visit some churches.

However, Birkirkara is renowned for ‘L-Istazzjon’, which is the old Railway Station. The old Railway Station and the garden in which it is set have been recently been restored.

NomNom Restaurant is situated within the public garden of L-Istazzjon and just outside the public garden one can find the bus terminus. The outdoor play area has been themed to reflect the train history for which the garden is known. With its large trees, the play area is fairly in the shade, making it nice to enjoy during the hot days as well.

NomNom’s is a fast food restaurant specializing in burgers, in fact it is well known for the ‘build your own burger’ concept. If you are more health conscious, it does offer a good selection of salads.

11. Il Cortile Wine & Dine - Iklin

Il Cortile Restaurant Iklin

Iklin is a relatively modern area and the residential area is mainly made up of villas and bungalows. Apart from some shopping and a few cafeterias there is not much entertainment to do. However, you can easily reach neighbouring villages such as Naxxar, Birkirkara, Lija and Balzan, which offer more fun.

However, in Iklin one can find Il Cortile Wine & Dine Restaurant which is situated on the very outskirts of Iklin. It is not easily reached by bus, but if you are visiting with a car, they have their own parking area.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. The menu offers a variety of choice from pasta, to pizza and fish. It does have also a kids menu. One can enjoy the meal outside, and at the same time watch the kids have fun in the outdoor play area. The grounds are surrounded with trees, which will make some much needed shade during those sunny days.

12. Eri's Gourment Cafe` - Iklin

Eri's Gourment Cafe` Iklin

Iklin is situated between the towns of Birkirkara, Lija and Mosta. It is a relatively new residential area, however on the main road one can find a few shops such as a toy shop, shoes and clothes.

If you are running errands in the neighboring area, it is worth to try Eri’s Gourment Cafe` which has recently opened its doors. It is situated next to Gallarija Darmanin, a renowned shoe store. This cafe` offers a selection of warm food, salads, snacks and sandwiches. They do have an indoor play area, which comes with a charge of Eur3 for unlimited play, unless you spend Eur12 at the coffee shop – otherwise it would be free.

You can also book a cookie decorating session for your little ones too.

13. YUE Bistro by Munchies - Naxxar

YUE Bistro by Munchies Naxxar

Situated in the picturesque village of Naxxar, is YUE Bistro by Munchies.  Just a few kilometers from Birkirkara, Naxxar has a history of curt ruts, punic tombs and catacombs.

YUE Bistro offers a varied menu and does offer vegetarian options.  However, if you have any dietary requirement make sure to inform them beforehand.

This bistro offers also a play area, which is monitored and whilst enjoying lunch or dinner, you can keep an eye through the monitors.

14. The Orchard Restaurant - Naxxar

The Orchard Restaurant Naxxar

Naxxar is in the central-northern part of the Maltese islands – a few kilometers away from Birkirkara. Naxxar dates back to the pre-history such as cart ruts, punic tombs and catacombs.

A must visit in Naxxar is Palazzo Parisio which was built in the 19th century by Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna as his own private residence. You and your children can transport yourself in the 19th century and enjoy the magnificent architecture and gardens of this Palazzo.

The Orchard restaurant is somewhat different, as it is situated in the complex of an old people’s home. However, from the decor of this restaurant says otherwise. If you are looking for a Sunday buffet lunch, then this is the place for this upcoming winter. As from October 2019, they will be hosting a Sunday buffet lunch and children will be entertained in the Kid’s Kingdom play area. Definitely worth a visit.

15. The President's Kitchen Garden - Attard

The President's Kitchen Garden Attard

The President’s Kitchen Garden is situated in the town of Attard. This locality is very quiet and is situated between Rabat and Valletta, and surrounded by the villages of Lija and Balzan.

The President’s Kitchen Garden is a historical garden and belongs to the San Anton Palace. It’s purpose was to serve vegetables to the Palace, and to some extent it had kept it’s purpose even nowadays.

On the way to the President’s Kitchen Garden, you can pass through San Anton Garden, where you can enjoy the beautiful flowers and landscaping. Why not stop by the pond full of turtles, or watch the swans and ducks?!

The Kitchen Garden, offers a great outdoor play area for children of all ages and a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner at very reasonable prices. Part of the Kitchen Garden still features the growing of vegetable which are still used for the restaurant. The children will have a blast at the Kitchen Garden.

16. BOV Adventure Park - Ta` Qali

Ta` Qali is one of the largest open spaces in Malta in the limits of Attard. In Ta` Qali one can find the Malta National Park, the National Football Stadium, the Crafts Village and the Farmers` market (the latter sets up on Tuesday and Saturday morning).

There is plenty to do and enjoy some quality time with the family at Ta` Qali. One of the areas is the BOV Adventure Park, which hosts various slides and fun activities for children of different ages. Each section indicates the age group recommendation. The park also has some water features, so if you are visiting during warm weather, make sure to take a change of clothes.

The BOV Adventure Park, also has a restaurant which is very convenient. Seating is outside overlooking the play area. The food is relatively good and the prices are reasonable.

17. Luzzu Restaurant - Qawra

Qawra is a seaside location in the north part of the island. It is a touristic area with hotels, holiday apartments, restaurants and cafes. The long promenade which stretches for around 3km goes all the way to the neighboring village of St Paul’s Bay.

In Qawra, not only can enjoy the sea during the hot summer months but can also have fun with kids by visiting the Aquarium and the Car Museum. After having fun at these places, you can head over to Luzzu restaurant for a scrumptious meal accompanied by a lovely play area.

Luzzu restaurant is situated at the end of Qawra and definitely worth a visit. This restaurant offers delicious food coupled with a colorful play area for kids. The play area has a nautical theme and is equipped with slides, climbing bridge for the fun of all kids alike.

18. SuperKids Play Cafe & Restaurant - Soreda Hotel Qawra

SuperKids Play Cafe` & Restaurant

The seaside location of Qawra in the north part of the island, offers a variety of entertainment for all the family from the Aquarium to the Car Museum to a Water park which is open during the hot summer months.

SuperKids Play Cafe & Restaurant is situated at the entrance of the Soreda Hotel in Qawra. The play area is clean, safe and equipped with a variety of educational toys. During the summer months, you can also enjoy a day by the pool and also make use of the indoor play area.

19. Quattro Play Kids Cafe` - Qawra

Quattro Play Kids Cafe` Qawra

The town of Qawra has many tourist attractions, with its Hotels, holiday apartments, beach, restaurants and coffee shops. However, in the last few years it has started attracting locals, who have taken permanent residence there.

In the area of Qawra, Bugibba and St. Paul’s Bay one can find many attractions, from a Car Museum to the Aquarium.

Quattro Play Kids Cafe` is situated in the outskirts of Qawra, and your children will definitely love the play area. The menu offers a variety of salads, pizza, sandwiches and desserts. The kids menu also offers a unique selection, from sandwich with butter only for the picky eater to pasta white sauce & ham.

A word of caution, do check their facebook page before going. The place is not large, therefore they close when they have a private function.

20. Melita Gardens - Kennedy Grove

Melita Gardens Kennedy Grove

Kennedy Grove / Salina is situated on the outskirts of Qawra. Kennedy Grove is a picnic area which has an outdoor play area and also a coffee shop. The place is safe, and you can sit down on one of the benches and watch your child play in all tranquility. Why not, climb one of the huge trees in the park?!

At the top of Kennedy Grove, one can find a cafeteria – Melita Gardens – where one can enjoy a warm drink and some snacks. Don’t be surprised if you find a birthday party going on. It is very popular with locals to host children’s birthday parties.

21. Al Ponte Restaurant - Mellieha

Mellieha is a village situated in the Northwest part of the Maltese islands. It is renowned for it’s sandy beach and very popular with the Maltese during the summer months. In this town of Mellieha, one can find many foreign nationals residing, who have relocated to Malta.

Al Ponte Restaurant is another restaurant that offers great food, awesome views and a play area. The play area is situated at the back of the restaurant and is not visible from the outside. Therefore if you have small children, it is recommended that you accompany them to the play area.

Following dinner you can enjoy a walk to the Mellieha square.

22. Jungle Seabank Hotel - Mellieha

Jungle Seabank Hotel Mellieha

Mellieha is situated in the northern part of the island. During the summer months, its population increases. The locality of Mellieha has one of the most popular sandy beaches on the Maltese island – Ghadira Bay. It is one of the largest sandy beaches on the island. The beach is nice to visit even during the a sunny winter day.

The Jungle restaurant is situated just opposite Ghadira Bay. The restaurant forms part of the Seabank Hotel and serves an all American all inclusive buffet lunch and dinner. Children will definitely enjoy not only the indoor play area but also the interior design, which is all jungle themed with trees and waterfalls. It is highly recommended that you book beforehand.

23. Westream - Kitchen & Bar - Mellieha

Westream Restaurant Mellieha

Westream is situated in Mellieha on the opposite side of Ghadira Bay. The name of this restaurant is derived from the historically significant Westream battery which is located just round the corner from the restaurant.

The restaurant is designed for all the family, with adequate space for the parents and also for the children. The children have their own menu, area and entertainment. The time spent a Westream will definitely be quality time with all the family. You will enjoy the sea view and the open kitchen. 

24. Sea View - Mellieha

Mellieha is situated on top of a hill and enjoys many breathtaking views. One can definitely enjoy some beautiful sunsets.

The Seaview Restaurant is situated in the heart of Mellieha, just a few meters away from the Mellieha Parish Church. This restaurant offers beautiful views of Gozo and if you love sunsets, than it’s the best place for you. This place is not only renowned for the views but also for the delicious food and drinks.

At the Seaview Restaurant children can have fun on the playground

25. Jack n Beanz Activities - Nadur, Gozo

Jack n Beanz Cafe

Situated on Malta’s sister island, Gozo, Jack n Beanz cafe is definitely making a name of its own.  This cafe` is situated in the village of Nadur.  This locality is popular for its green valleys and the nearby beaches of San Blas and Ramla Bay.

Jack n Beanz Cafe, offer not only a play area for your little ones but you can also book them for other activities such as messy play.  Kids will definitely enjoy it and you and enjoy a nice hot coffee for once.

26. Velocity Trampoline - Tarxien

The locality of Tarxien, situated in the southeast of Malta is renowned for its historic temples.  The Tarxien temples consist of three different temples, with the first dating back to 3100B.C, the middle temple dating back to 3000B.C and the smaller one dating back to 3250B.C

After touring, these historic temples, you can visit the Velocity Trampoline together with your kids, for some great fun.  Your kids can jump around for an hour whilst you can enjoy a coffee and a snack in their coffee shop.

27. MonteKristo Fun Park - Luqa

Luqa is situated in the south of Malta and is a typical Maltese town.    

The Malta International Airport is situated on the outskirts of this town. During the 20th century, Luqa grew in popularity because of the airport.

Tucked away in the countryside, you will find the MonteKristo Fun Park. A complex which hosts several entertainment activities from weddings, to birthday parties, to fairs.  At the fun park, your children will have a blast, going on the rides.  After all the fun, am sure that your little ones and possibly even yourselves would be famished, so just head over to the restaurant for a hearthey meal.  

During winter months, they are open on Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays and school holidays. It is wise, to double check their facebook page before going.

28. Carob Tree - St Julian's

A seaside town, St Julian’s is well known for its nightlife, clubs and various restaurants. The area is also surrounded by numerous hotels.  You will definitely find ways to entertain yourself in St Julian’s.

The Carob Tree is a new concept type of restaurant.  Carob Tree is a food court with 11 kitchens and bars.  On a positive note, you can enjoy free parking in Spinola car park.  Carob Tree also has a play area, where your children can entertain themselves.  At Carob Tree they often collaborate with Open Tinkers for children’s workshops, where they cultivate curiosity and creative learning. 

29. Popeye Village - Mellieha

Situated on the outskirts of Mellieha, a few kilometers away from Mellieha Bay is Popeye village.  Popeye village is the film set of ‘Popeye’ shoot in Malta in the 1980s.  The main actor was the late Robin Williams.

Just outside the entrance to Popeye village, in the parking area, you can find its restaurant.  The restaurant is family friendly and houses also a play area for your children to have some fun, whilst waiting for the food.

30. Luxol Sports Grounds

Luxol Sports Grounds is situated in St Andrew’s. The name St. Andrew’s comes from the Barracks which were part of the Pembroke Army Garrison.

Luxol Sports Grounds has 15,000sqm of facilities and all their sports facilities are finished to high standards. It is the largest of its kind. It’s football nursery accepts children from the young age of 4 years.

Within these facilities you can also find a restaurant, which also offers the facility of a play area. Luxol is definitely a place for all the family to enjoy itself and spend some quality time.

31. Melita Gardens - Attard

Attard is a quiet village, situated between Rabat and Valletta in the centre of the Maltese island. Attard is home to the San Anton Palace and Gardens, which is the President’s residence. Together with your children, you can enjoy the tranquility of San Anton Gardens, which is open every day.

Just next door to the main entrance of San Anton Gardens, you can find Melita Gardens. A restaurant that is very popular with the locals.  The menu at Melita Gardens offers a variety of food.  For the little ones, there is also a play area outside. Offering some shade, this is an ideal play area for those warm afternoons.

32. Buccaneers Boutique Guesthouse - Bugibba

Bugibba is part of St. Paul’s Bay and is situated in the northern part of the Maltese islands. Bugibba is a tourist resort and has been such for the last 30 years, although in the last decade more locals have decided to make Bugibba their permanent residence.

Here you will find Buccaneers Boutique Guesthouse and Restaurant.  Your children will love the decor of this restaurant.  They will be transported in an era of pirates and galleons.  As if not enough, Buccaneers restaurant also has a play area for your little ones.

33. The Greenhouse - Ibragg

Ibragg / Swieqi area is a quiet residential area. It is 15 mins away by bus from Sliema and within walking distance from Malta’s nightlife, Paceville and St. Julian’s.

In the quiet area, you will find The Greenhouse Bistro – Cafeteria – Pizzeria.  Very elegantly decorated, and serving delicious food, The Greenhouse is a definite place to visit.  The Greenhouse, have a dedicated play area for you little ones to enjoy themselves, whilst you enjoy your hot cup of coffee, or have a pizza.

34. The Playingfield - Birkirkara

Birkirkara is one largest towns and oldest towns in Malta.  Throughout the years, Birkirkara as grown to become a commercial centre. Nowadays, Birkirkara is a mixture of modern and old buildings.

The Playing Field Restaurant is situated in the heart of Birkirkara and as the name implies it is situated within a public playingfield.  Your children will definitely enjoy the swings, which are shaded with the large trees that characterize this playing field.

35. Zea's Hot Coffee & Fresh Nibbles - Mosta

Mosta is situated in central Malta and is famous for its ‘Rotunda’ Church. The dome of the ‘Rotunda’ is the 3rd largest unsupported dome in the world, therefore it is definitely worth a visit.

In Mosta, you can find the newly opened Zea’s.  At Zea’s you can find great coffee and their menu offers a good choice.  They have also thought for your little one, and you can find a play area.  It’s the ideal place for breakfast, or if you would like to get some work done whilst your little ones are having fun in the play area.

36. Munchy Moose - Ta` Xbiex

Ta` Xbiex is a small town on the Eastern part of the Maltese Island, overlooking Marsamxetto harbour.  In the last couple of years, this town has seen an increase in its commercial community.  This community is mostly composed of Embassies, Insurance companies, Accounting/Auditing companies and Marine services.  Ta` Xbiex hosts the Yacht Marina, hence why many marine services companies have set up shop in this town.

Munchy Moose is in fact set up in the Yacht Marina public garden.  It is a small kiosk but with a lot to offer.  Being in a public garden, just a few meters away there is a small play field where your children can let some steam out. After your time at Munchy Moose you can either walk along the marina, with your little ones and look at the many yachts there, or else walk towards Sliema.

Family is very much at heart to the Maltese population. It is a family friendly island and you can practically take your kids with you everywhere. The Maltese love to enjoy a good meal with their families, and you can often see them relaxing at a restaurant. Due to the hot weather, families tend to go out late in the evening, so it is normal to see children out late.

We hope that we have given some useful ideas of where you can dine and have fun with kids. Sometimes, one can run out of ideas when trying to find a restaurant that has an indoor play area. It is good to discover new restaurants with play area for the kids to enjoy. The kids will definitely enjoy venturing into new play area and meeting some new friends.

Bon Appetit!!!