9 Fun Theatres And Musicals For Kids At Christmas Time (2019) To Visit In London

During Christmas Season the whole family comes together to spend an intense, memorable time. The time before Christmas is reflective and cheerful. Especially for kids, this time of the year is something enchanting and wonderful, what they are looking forward to all year. During Christmas Season, there are many events and activities you can take […]


Fun Christmas Activities For Kids In France And UK

Ice - Skating In Paris with kids

Diverse Christmas Events For Kids Besides Theatre shows and musicals, there a many more Christmas activites you can do with your children. The following Christmas events will surely make your Christmas time cheerful and special... 1. Christmas at the Château de Vaux le Vicomte 2019 At Christmas time, the Château de Vaux le Vicomte (Maincy, […]


Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In Europe

Christmas Market For Kids

It's that time of the year again - In December the Christmas markets are calling! There are so many different Christmas markets all over the world. Everywhere different kinds of food and drinks are sold and Christmas traditions differ from each other. But one thing they have in common. Christmas markets are sociable places where […]


10 Worth-Visiting Theme Parks During Christmas Time

Theme Parks to visit in Winter

Visiting a theme park during Christmas time is a magical experience for the whole family. In winter, most theme parks offer special Christmas attractions for children and adults. There are amazing musicals with festive music, songs and artistic performances. Kids-friendly Christmas shows will make your children's eyes sparkling. Probably your little ones are also dreaming […]


Halloween Traditions Explained

Pumpkin carving, Jack O Lantern, Trick or Treat are all synonymous with Halloween but do you know the origins of Halloween?  This holiday dates back many, many years.   Meaning of the word Halloween The literal meaning of the word Halloween is 'hallowed evening', and previously known to early European celebrators as 'All Hallows' Eve' .  […]


36 Most Kids Friendly Restaurants In Malta With A Play Area

Did you know that, the majority of restaurants on the Maltese islands are family friendly and offer a kids menu? If they don't offer a kids menu, one can ask if they can do a small portion for your child or else bring a side plate to share your meal. The majority will be delighted […]



We can unanimously agree, that Malta has a rich history. It is therefore only natural that Malta has many museums. In order to encourage families to visit Museums, Heritage Malta has recently introduced a free card for all primary school students. You might all agree that children learn more when they see and have a […]


Things To Do In Germany With Kids

Are you planning to travel Germany with your kids? If so then go for it! If you have never been in Germany yet, then now is the time, since there are lots of activities that you can do with your kids in Germany. Germany is a country with lovely nature, amazing castles, nice theme parks […]


14 Amazing Family Friendly Events You Must Take Your Kids To When Visiting Malta

Before you continue reading, just grab your diary and a pen and take note of these fantastic events happening in Malta till the end of the year. Some of the events are now fixed in the Maltese calendar, whilst others are relatively new or differ depending on the time of year. 1. Fort Manoel Open […]


2019 Halloween Events To Visit In Malta

2019 Halloween Events Malta

These last couple of years Halloween has grown in popularity in Malta and with it came the organization of events and parties.  These activities are normally held on the 31st October and during the mid-term break, that is 1st and 2nd November.  Here are some of the activities happening during the mid-term holidays: 1. Valletta […]


Playgrounds in Malta

Children need exercise, sunshine and socialization amongst other things. The best ways to incorporate these three things in your child's routine, is to take them to a playground.  Luckily, Malta being a small island, you are always a short drive away from a playground, and in the majority of cases there is a playground in […]


Things to do in Seville with kids

Barcelona was always my number one favourite city but after visiting Seville, which is the largest and Capital City in Andalusia I changed my mind. What a gorgeous city Seville is. Seville has some absolutely stunning old towns, which are full of a maze of narrow and colourful streets and tall, amazing buildings wherever you […]


What to pack when going on holiday with kids

Hi, I am Enas, a mum to two wonderful kids that love to travel and visit new places. Today we want to share our experiences and tips about how to get organised for a holiday with your kids. It is always good to be mentally prepared and organized as much as possible in advance. The earlier you start the better it is […]


Peppa Pig World UK- Fun for the Whole Family

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house, than you know that visiting Peppa and George in Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park would be the greatest surprise. You'll make your kids' dreams come true. Peppa Pig World has 9 rides for young and old. We can assure you, you'll come away with […]


Geocaching, What A Lovely Activity For The Kids!

geocaching finding the cache

Looking for a way to spend the day outside, with an exciting activity that the whole family can enjoy? Try geocaching! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. It involves putting coordinates that you find online (on a geocaching-dedicated website) into a GPS and go searching for  a cache that someone else has hidden in the real world. There […]


Mellieha Playground with a great sea view and Coffe/Bar

Are you looking for a nice playground in Mellieha? A playground where your kids can have fun and you can just relax and watch them? A place where you can eat and drink with an incredible view that you can just look at and dream for a little while? A place where you can watch the […]