Most ancient cultures from the Greeks to the Native Americans had traditions where they would look up at the night sky and associate stories with shapes they saw in the stars.


Here's a sweet, evening activity to do with your kids ages two and up. You need binoculars or a telescope. Bring your little one to the window on a clear night and ask them to choose a star. Tell them a story about the star. Make it creative. It doesn't have to be realistic just sparking the imagination.

For your older kids you can tell the story back and forth between you as though you were talking for the stars.

If you have a true astronomer on your hands here's a few more things to encourage their interest.

Here's a short song video of what a star actually is.

This night time projector is good for those cloudy nights when the stars are hiding.

star projector


A telescope doesn't have to break the bank. This kid friendly version is made to be easy for little hands to operate.


This book 'A child's introduction to the Night Sky' can hold your kids attention throughout the day light hours.

the night skythe night sky


Bring the outside, indoors with these glow in the dark stick on stars.

glow in the dark stars


So go enjoy those starry nights with your little ones. You might learn a thing or two as well!