6 Wordless Books to Spark the Imagination

wordless book

For a little kid, it can be difficult to sit still long enough to read an entire book. Sometimes the words just get tangled in their brains and they'd rather move on to something more interesting and hands on.

That's where wordless picture books come in! Looking at a wordless book with your kids can often be a more effective way to engage their imagination when they lack patience.

  • Pointing out objects and naming them for your toddler will lead to name recognition.They next step might be to have them point out objects you name to them or have them ask you to point out objects they've already found.
  • For 3-6 year old, they can begin to understand the structure of a story. How does one scenario leads to another?
  • For older children, you can use wordless books to ask questions. What do you think is happening here? Why do you think that happened? What happened first, second and third? By allowing them to use their own imagination, they can make the story their own interpretation. They become a storyteller.

Here are a few classic wordless books to get your kids started.



The Snowman




Good Dog Carl

ballfordaisy ballfordaisy

A Ball For Daisy




The Lion and The Mouse


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