9 Road Trip Games The Whole Family Can Play

Do you have a vacation coming up? It can be tough as a kid to sit for extended periods of time in the same spot next to the same people without getting bored and antsy. Instead of relying solely on technology to keep them distracted why not include some family interaction and check out these tried and true car games for the whole family.

1. The Alphabet Game

Everyone looks for the letters to the alphabet from A-Z  on roadsigns, license plates, etc. The first to get them all wins.

2. 50 States

Have a list of all fifty states and see who can spot them all by license plates first. To keep track, have a license plate coloring game of the States and have your kids color it in as they spot the plates.


3. Karaoke Master

Make a mix CD to bring along. Play only the first few seconds of a song and see who can guess correct. Add a few silly songs to keep it light.

4. I'm going on a picnic

One person starts with 'I'm going on a picnic and bringing an (something that starts with A.)' The next person repeats and adds B. Make your way through the whole alphabet trying to remember each item.


5. Build a story

One person starts the story with one sentence. The next builds on that sentence and so on. You can write it down or record your story to read back later.

6. 20 Questions

A player thinks of an object. The others take turns asking yes or no questions to figure out what it is. If they don't figure it out in 20 questions the picker wins.


7. Categories

Pick a category and go around the car naming things in that category in alphabetical order. ex. animals: Aardvark, Buffalo, etc.

8. Bingo

Print out a car bingo sheet ahead of time. Check out this  road trip restaurant bingo we made.


9. Rhubarb

Everyone gets to ask the chosen player any question. Their answer has to be rhubarb. If they laugh, they're out.

These are just a few to get you started. There are tons of other activities to keep your younger ones occupied but these are a place to get you started or fill in the gaps when things get dry.

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