Balancing Act For Kids

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Balance is one of those life lessons that everyone needs to learn both figuratively and literally. But for kids, literal balance is where it's at.

scale for kids

Here's an interesting way for kids to learn about balance. All you need for this experience is a hanger, some string and two equal buckets.

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Hang your hanger on a knob or somewhere where it can swing free. Tie the two buckets on to either ends of the hanger. Have your kids place different objects in each bucket and try to make them equal.

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We decided to have a nature theme since the weather is so beautiful.  So first we collected different objects outside. We started with weighing them against each other but eventually moved on to weighing everything in sight.



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  1. Isaiah
    Great tips for kids
  2. Thanks! Super simple, and it'll be great for teaching how to solve equations in a couple weeks!
    • Enas
      hope you will enjoy it! Let us know how it went.
  3. seems great stuff to teach kids.

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