The reality of a leaving kids alone in the car.

With summer in full force, it's so important that you take the heat into consideration when it comes to those you love.


We've all seen on the news, the tragedies that happen when kids or people with disabilities or even animals are left in closed vehicles without the ability to open the door. But even then, it can be difficult to realize how quickly things can go wrong.

Here are a few statistics to put it into perspective and give a clearer understanding of how death in a hot car can happen.


While the number for 2016 seems to be the lowest in 18 years, the year is not up yet and child death in a vehicle happens outside of hot summer days.

Even on mild weather days, the temperature inside a closed car can rise very quickly. Opening the windows a few inches isn't enough to combat the danger. The radiation of the sun on a dark dashboard causes a convection effect where heat produces more heat in a short time span.


Hyperthermia is when there is too much heat for the body to handle. It can be extremely dangerous for children because they are not able to properly regulate their internal temperature.

Any death do to people's misunderstanding of the oven factor in a vehicle is tragic and completely preventable. Make people aware. When it comes to child safety, don't just mind your own business. Be proactive in educating those around you. Don't become a statistic.

Keep those you love safe.


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