Autumn has many facets. Warm and sunny days that feel like summer, windy days that blow colorful leaves through the air and rainy days that are cold, grey and not very inviting for any outdoor activities. With children there are so many things to do in autumn, indoors, as well as outdoors. We would like to give you some kid-friendly inspiration for this beautiful season…

Flying Kites

An amazing activity for dry and windy days. Flying kites is fun for the whole family and can be combined with a stay in nature. There are diverse kinds of kites in different sizes that are also suitable for small children. Of course, it is also fun for the kids to make a kite by themselves. Whose kite climbs the highest?

Walking Through The Forest

Going for an autumn walk with the kids is a valuable experience for the little ones. Especially in autumn, there are so many things to explore in the forest. Watch out for squirrels that are collecting feed for the winter. Listen to the sound of rustling leaves while walking on them and pick them up for decorating the children’s room. You also could collect some chestnuts together. And maybe the kids just want to jump into puddles and play with their rubber boots in the mud. In any case, physical activity in the fresh air is good for everyone.

Decorating The House

With all the beautiful natural materials you have found in the forest you can decorate your home autumnal.

Garlands can be made from the colorful leaves and tea lights can be covered with them (don’t forget to press the leaves before). With pinecones it is nice and easy to decorate a bowl or plate. The collected chestnuts can be filled in a glass with a candle or you can build little figures with your kids.

Baking Cookies

Another cozy autumn activity for kids is to bake cookies. Especially on grey and rainy days it is fun for everyone to cut out cookies. Decorate them with delicious toppings and finally, eat them with a hot cup of tea, sitting together with the family.

Winterizing The Garden

Involve the children in gardening! Kids love to help in the household and in addition, they will learn from it. Therefore, winterizing the garden with your kids is a nice and meaningful autumn activity. Let them sweep the leaves, repot plants or clean the furniture. At the same time, the kids are in the fresh air and can let off steam.

Carving Pumpkins

One of autumn’s highlights might be Halloween for many kids. A creative Halloween activity is to carve pumpkins with your children. Give them scary or funny faces and place the pumpkins around the house. 

Another acitvity you can do with pumpkins is to cook a soup from it. It is delicious, healthy and will warm up the body after a day in the fresh autumn air. Your children will surely love it.

Going To The Cinema

A family trip to the cinema is a good idea in autumn. When it rains and nobody wants to go out, a welcome change for the kids is to visit the cinema and watch a kids’ movie. Especially in autumn and winter time, there is a large selection of new movies in cinemas that you can watch with the kids. Otherwise, you could enjoy a cozy movie afternoon with your children at home. 

Feeding Birds

Many birds don’t have enough to eat during autumn and winter time. So what about putting up birdhouses which you could also build by yourself? Let your children distribute some fodder, like seeds and grains. It will be really fun for the kids and they learn about caring and responsibility. 

Visiting An Indoor Playground

When the outdoor playgrounds are wet and not very inviting, visiting an indoor playground with the kids is a good alternative. Here they can let of steam and romp to their heart’s content while the parents can enjoy a cup of coffee or something similar.

Making A Campfire

If you have a garden, you could make a campfire with your kids. Get some marshmallows and dough for stick bread and spend a joyful autumn evening with your kids. If you like to, turn on some music or tell exciting stories. Make sure you are dressed warm!