Top 10 Educational Apps for Toddlers

Never have we ever had so much access to information as now. You can learn anything you need or want without even getting off the sofa! Apps can be such a great opportunity for kids to learn but finding those that are educational, but not boring while also not spending a fortune can be a challenge.That's why we've picked out a few of our favorite educational apps that our kids love and also pass the mom test.


  1. LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise

  2. Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

  3. Children's doctor : dentist

  4. Kids educational puzzle - Tools

  5. Kids & Toddlers Games Train

  6. Toca Kitchen 2

  7. Inside Out Thought Bubbles

  8. Baby Smart Games

  9. Kids Doctor Game - free app

  10. Body Parts Adventure: Discover body secret

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  1. apps-for-toddlers4   LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise

    • If your toddler likes legos, this app is perfect! It is teaches building concepts, comes with great graphics and sound effects, and is simple enough for young hands to manage on their own.

  2. apps-for-toddlers5   Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

    • This is a multi learning app, reaching your kids on several levels. Not only will your kids develop spatial recognition in putting a puzzle together, but every piece is named to help them increase their vocabulary as well. Categories cover the beginning concepts of alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes as well as animals, dinosaurs, princesses and other fun topics.

  3. apps-for-toddlers10   Children's doctor : dentist

    • For your toddler that is learning teeth brushing habits, this app takes a really fun approach. They need to 'be the dentist' and clean the teeth of some cute animals using tools you might find in a dentist office. This could also be great for building confidence toward a first check up.

  4. apps-for-toddlers6   Kids educational puzzle - Tools

    • This is another puzzle app (we love puzzles) but this one is cool because it introduces kids to tools your might use around the house or yard by having them put the pieces together.

  5.  apps-for-toddlers7   Kids & Toddlers Games Train

    • Connect the dots, tic tac toe, memory, puzzles, drawing. All of those classic pastimes you learned when you were younger are brought to this app to introduce to your own kids.

  6. apps-for-toddlers3   Toca Kitchen 2

    • If you have kids that like to help out in the kitchen or that might be a little picky when it comes to food this app is gold. It sparks the players imagination as they mix different ingredients together to come up with the 'perfect' recipe.

  7. apps-for-toddlers   Inside Out Thought Bubbles

    • The Inside Out movie was both fun and insightful, showing your kids how emotions can affect you and your actions. This app takes those characters into your classic bubble popping games with Pixar graphics of Family Island, Imagination Land, Dream Productions, Train Yard, etc.

  8. apps-for-toddlers8Baby Smart Games

    • This app is full of games that stimulate your kids development with music, letter and number recognition, puzzles, drawing and more. The attractive graphics can really grab your toddlers attention so they can gain even more.

  9. apps-for-toddlers2   Kids Doctor Game - free app

    • Have your kids be the doctor and cure their sick patients! What better way for kids to get comfortable with going to the doctor than by being one themselves and helping kids get better! This app gives you various patients and illnesses to cure with some of your typical doctor tools.

  10.  apps-for-toddlers9   Body Parts Adventure: Discover body secret

    • Help your kids learn the way that their body digests food with this fun app! This app has the little Prince eating too much and feeling sick because he doesn't help his body digest his food properly. This is great for showing the benefits of chewing and eating healthy portions of fruits and vegetables. All this while playing some fun, interactive games!


These are a few of our kids favorites. Let us know if you have any other educational app recommendations from your own kids!


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