Christmas Markets In Europe To Visit With Kids

It’s that time of the year again – In December the Christmas markets are calling!

There are so many different Christmas markets all over the world. Everywhere different kinds of food and drinks are sold and Christmas traditions differ from each other. But one thing they have in common. Christmas markets are sociable places where people come together to enjoy and celebrate the Christmas time. 

While looking for a nice Christmas market to visit with your kids, you will find small and big ones, traditional Christmas markets (for example in the medieval style) or modern ones. 

In the following we have summarized the most beautiful and worth-visiting Christmas markets in Europe. We are sure that there is something for everyone’s taste and needs. Have a look at the various possibilities you can take up with your family! 🙂

Family Friendly Christmas Markets In Germany

One thing that the Germans are really good at, is to create wonderful, enchanting Christmas worlds. German Christmas markets are popular for their variety of family-friendly attractions, shopping facilities and delicious local food offers. There are small and big ones and some markets are more commercial than others. Spending a day with your family on a Christmas market in Germany will be a memorable experience for all of you :-)… 

1. Hamburg Christmas Market

The historical Christmas market at the Town Hall Square of Hamburg is all about nostalgia and art.

Many child-friendly attractions will make your kids’ eyes sparkle. Wonderful handmade toys are sold in the famous toy alley (“Spielzeuggasse”).

A worth-seeing spectacle, especially for your children, is Santa Claus visit. Three times a day he hovers with his reindeers and his sleigh sleigh over Hamburg’s Christmas market.  Everyday at 4, 6 and 8 p.m. even adults will become children again while marveling at Santa! 

2. Cologne Christmas Market

This Christmas market takes place in the heart of Cologne.  Just in front of the famous Cologne Cathedral many small stalls are set up every year during the Christmas season. There you can taste various delicacies and purchase cute little Christmas gifts, decoration and handmade art.

Handicraft lessons and visits from Santa Claus himself (every Tuesday) provide for the entertainment of our little ones. Children won’t believe their eyes when they meet his companions, the beautiful angels.

Another highlight for families with childre will be the railway of Cologne’s Christmas market. Take a seat and enjoy a ride with your kids! 🙂 

Cologne’s kids-friendly Christmas markets in an overview:

  • Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral
  • Christmas market at the New Market
  • Christmas Market in the old town
  • Harbour Christmas market at the Chocolate Museum
  • Christmas market at the city garden
  • Nicholas village at Rudolphplatz

3. Stuttgart Christmas Market

Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt

Located in fornt of a fantastic castle scenery, Stuttgart’s Christmas market is surrounded by a very special atmosphere. 

Everyday, children can experience and many exciting attractions. Diverse hands-on actions invite your kids to become creative and a small steam locomotive guarantees a lot of fun. At Stuttgart’s Christmas market it is possible for children to marvel at a Christmassy deorated crib with real animals.

Another highlight, which is also amazing for adults, are various Christmas concerts that take place in the courtyard of the castle. A visit of this enchanting Christmas market will be surely a memorable family event for everyone!


4. Munich Christmas Market

Family Friendly Christmas Markets in Muncher

Munich’s most beautiful Christmas market is located at St. Mary’s Square in downtown. Festive Christmas decoration and a huge Christmas tree make for an enchanting atmosphere all around the stalls. 

Christmassy live music sounds from balconies (daily, 5:30 p.m.) while you and your family can stroll through the small paths and alleys. There you will find lots of handmade gifts, delicious food and hot drinks. And don’t miss the traditional “Krampus-Laufen”!

5. Leipzig Christmas Market

The roots of Leipzig’s traditional Christmas market lie in the year 1458. Germany’s second oldest Christmas market is famous for its huge Advent calendar which is designed and created by pupils every year. A visit with your children is definitely recommendable.

6. Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

Dusseldorf has nine wonderful Christmas markets to visit in Christmas season:

  • Christmas market Schadow street,
  • Christmas market Jan-Wellem-Square
  • Fairy Tale Market at Schadow square
  • Christmas market with ice rink at Cornelius square
  • Angel Market at Heinrich-Heine-Square
  • Star market in the Wilhelm-Marx-House
  • Christmas market between Heinrich-Heine-Street and dem Market Square
  • Christmas market at Market Square
  • Christmas market at Castle Square

The Christmas market at Jan-Wellem-Square is maybe the most popular Christmas market in Dusseldorf. 

There are many highlights for kids, like the 100 years old carousel and various stalls that offer special kids-activities. A theatre for children and diverse crafting lessons are only a few of many more kids-friendly offers at this Christmas market.

The Fairy Tale Christmas market organizes a scavenger hunt for kids every friday.

At the Christmas market at Market Square, children are invited to visit a puppet show.

7. Erfurt Christmas Market

Special about the Christmas market in Erfurt is the  Christmas crib. 14 handmade life-sized figures and a 12 meters high Christmas pyramid from the Ore mountains are waiting for your visit.

Many nice carousels and a Ferris wheel guarantee lots of Christmas fun for your and your children. Enjoy your day in Erfurt!

8. Nuremberg Christmas Market

Germany’s most famous Christmas market is located in the cozy old town of Nuremberg. Opened by the Christ Child himself, the Nuremberg Christmas market has got one of the longest and most popular traditions. Nuremberg’s inhabitants are asked to choose the Christ Child every year new.

A culinary highlight at the Christmas market of Nuremberg is the „Zwetschgenmännle“. This delicacy is made out of dried plums. You should try it! 🙂

Family-Friendly Christmas Market In Prague

One of Europe’s most romantic Christmas markets you will find in Prague. Located at the biggest castle complex of the world, this Christmas market convinces with traditional food and drinks like stick cake, cinnamon rolls and mulled wine. 

If you are lucky, your family visit at Prague’s Christmas market will be accompannied by gentle snowfall which will make the Christmassy atmosphere even more enchanting.

From the 25th of November until the 23th of December the worth-visiting Christmas market of Prague opens its doors for you and your family. Beside the classic Christmas market attractions, there are many cultural events like festive concerts that will make your stay perfect.

Especially your children’s eyes will be sparkling as they catch sight of the giant Christmas tree that decorates the Christmas market location. Another highlight is the Christmas crib with real animals which is worth-seeing for young and old.

Don’t miss a visit of this family-friendly Christmas market when you are staying in Prague during Christmas season!

Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In Belgium

Belgium has got numerous family-friendly Christmmas markets. There are many fun attractions your children can take part in, delicious food and drinks to keep your body warm. Have a look at our summary of Belgium’s most popular and beautiful Christmas markets – there is something for everyone’s taste for sure!

1. Aalst Christmas Market

During Christmas time in Aalst everything is done to create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Together with your kids you can enjoy this festive feeling at Aalst’s beautiful Christmas market.

2. Antwerp Christmas Market

One of Belgium’s biggest Christmas markets is located in Antwerp. There you will definitely have a lot of fun with your whole family. For example, you can do your rounds on the great ice rink.

3. Bruges Christmas Market

Bruges’ Christmas market makes for an amazing magical mood inside the city. Numerous fickle lights adorn the buildings and the wonderful scent of Christmas pastries is in the air. The best conditions to enjoy the day with your kids to the fullest!

4. Brussels Christmas Market

In Brussels you will find Belgium’s biggest Christmas market. The Christmas market in the “centre of Europe” convinces its visitors with 240 stalls that offer diverse things like food, drinks, toys and Christmas decoration. Just stroll through the 2,5 km long street, listening to the beautiful Christmas music that sounds from every corner.

5. Hasselt Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Hasselt is worth-visiting for adults as well as children. You will find various great attractions. For example, you and the children could take a seat on the railway that makes its rounds on the atmospheric Christmas market of Hasselt.

6. Mechelen Christmas Market

Spending your day on the Christmas market in Mechelen will be fun and joy for the whole family. Admire the great offers of diverse stalls or enjoy a hot drink to keep your body warm. Children are invited to take part in different attractions while festive live-music makes the Christmas mood perfect.

Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In Sweden

Christmas in Sweden is somehow very cozy and atmospheric. The chance that a layer of white powder covers the roofs of the houses is not too low and the various Swedish Christmas delicacies are worth a visit anyway. Spending a weekend with your children in Christmassy Sweden is a great opportunity to come together and get in the mood for Christmas. Visiting some beautiful Christmas markets will make the experience perfect!

Sweden has many beautiful Christmas markets to offer.

Liseberg Christmas Market, Göteborg

Between the 16th November and 30th December Liseberg’s Christmas market opens its doors. Located in Sweden’s biggest theme park, the Christmas market shines like a sea of ​​a thousand lights. 

Festive Christmas decoration, many children’s attractions and delicious food make for a lot of fun for everyone. What about a ride in one of the carousels or a visit of the Ice Ballet Show Swan Lake? We are sure that your stay at Liseberg’s Christmas market will be a memorable experience.

Stortorget Christmas Market, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

The traditional Christmas market at Stortorget in the old town of Stockholm is one of the oldest ones in Sweden. Already in the 16th century people were celebrating Christmas season by visiting this beautiful Christmas market. Once, in 1907, the event was banned due to too much controversy on Stockholm’s Christmas market.

Today a totally peaceful atmosphere is waiting for you. From the 24th November until the 23th December you can stroll around the little stalls and have a look at all the beautiful Christmas decoration, crafts and ceramics.

Even small and big gourmets get their money. Delicacies like selfmade honey, marzipan, hot waffles, cheese and spices from all over the world are offered by various retailers all around the Christmas market. 

Skansen Christmas Market, Stockholm

Even Stockholm’s open air museum “Skansen” opens a Christmas market every year. Between the 24th November and the 16th December Skansen welcomes you and your family on all weekends. The old and traditional buildings create a very special atmosphere.

Let your kids participate in certain handicraft lessons to design their own Christmas decoration! Afterwards you maybe want to enjoy some Christmassy sweets or listen to the festive Advent concert in Skansen’s cozy church.

The Christmas market at Skansen is absolutely worth-visiting, not only because of the magnificent view that you will have over the whole city.

Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In Paris

Family Friendly Christmas Market In Paris

Paris, the City of Love, is even more megical during Christmas time. Paris offers numerous of Christmas markets that are spread all over the city. Visiting Paris during Christmas season will be an enchanting experience that you and your kids will keep in mind forever.

The Christmas markets of Paris invite their visitors to shop, feast or simply stroll around. Various cute Christmas gifts, decoration, delicacies and many more is available at the hundreds of stalls lining the streets of the Frensh metropolis.

The Chistmas market of La Défense is the biggest one in Paris. You will reach the location easily by subway. Once arrived, yours and your kids’ eyes will be sparkling. Many children’s activities and attractions, little shops and festive decorated stalls keep the fun of young and old. Do your children want to take a photo together with Santa Claus? 🙂

Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In London

Celebrating Christmas in England is something great! Due to its long traditions, Christmas is something especially festive and atmospheric in England.  Many English cities and villages have beautiful Christmas markets you and your kids should not miss. Spending time on one of those magical English Christmas markets will put all of you in a festive Christmas mood in on time.

London offers many worth-visiting Christmas markets of which the market at Hyde Park is the best known. Also recommendable is a stay in London’s Winter Wonderland. Just pick out your favorite market and enjoy your day with the family in charming, festive London!

Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In Austria

Family Friendly Christmas Market In Wien

During Christmas time, Austria’s capital city Vienna is surrounded by a very speciel ambience. Beautiful Vienna has got numerous Christmas markets to visit with children. The most famous market is located at the Town Hall just in the heart of the city. If you are thinking about spending a Christmassy family weekend somewhere, then a trip to Vienna might be the best choice. Cosiness and a magical time of fun are guaranteed!

Beside Vienna, other Austrian regions like Tirol offer wonderful child-friendly Christmas markets, too. In Innsbruck one of the most beautiful and traditional Austrian Christmas markets takes place. Pretty gardens, colorful Christmas decoration and thousands of lights adorn the city’s streets. 

A trip to Austria at Christmas time is an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In The Netherlands

Valkenburg Christmas Market

The Christmas market of Valkenburg meets all the expectations of big and small Christmas fans. Located under the ground, this Christmas markt elates its visitors for sure. A very unique atmosphere is waiting four you!

Amsterdam Christmas Market

In Amsterdam ice skating is especially good. The Christmas markets of the Neterland’s capital city offer many fun attractions for kids and adults. Come around and see for youself! 🙂

Family-Friendly Christmas Markets In Italy

In Italy, the pre-Christmas period is not celebrated as much as, for example, in Germany and Austria. Nevertheless, you will also find beautiful Christmas markets there.

  • Milan:

Milan is one of the Italian cities that offer some great Christmas markets you can visit with your kids. At the famous Cathedral Square you will find the most beautiful stalls, attractions and other Cristmas entertainment for young and old. Don’t miss a visit of the Fairy Tale Village in the Giardini Pubblici where your children can have a lot of fun! Even an ice rink and many more child-friendly attractions invite you to linger. 

  • Venice:

Spending a few days of Christmas season in Venice is a fantastic idea! The many canals that meander through the city are festively decorated and the endless lights are reflected in the water.

This wonderful Christmas spirit can also be found on the Christmas market Natale in Laguna which is located on the Campo Stefano. There you can enjoy live music and delicious local food. Do you now what else you will find in Venice during Christmas time? One of the largest Christmas trees in Italy! You and your family have the canche to marvel at it in Piazza San Marco. A beautiful location of magical Christmas memories.

  • Bologna:

You are spending some family time in Bologna? Even there you can visit some family-friendly Christmas markets. Walking around the city you will pass the markets automatically. Strolling through the festively decorated stalls, looking for some Christmas gifts and nibbling some delicious candy is probably the best way to let the Christmas spirit arise.

You should definitely not miss Bologna’s Christmas markets at Santa Maria dei Servi and the market Fiera di Natale at the San Pietro Cathedral. A cozy and warm atmosphere will welcome you for sure.

  • Naples:

In Naples there is a very special street that captivates its visitor’s hearts during Christmas season.  The Via San Gregorio Armeno is famous for its wooden workshops that sell various handmade crafts. This street is also called Via del Presepe which means as much as “crib street”.

During Christmas time, a big Christmas market takes place in this amazing street. There you have the opportunitiy to buy some of the wonderful handmade wooden crafts, toys for your lovely children or taste delicious treats. Your children and you will surely be amazed by all the great offers that this Neapolitan market has for big and small! 🙂