Favourite family board games

Watching TV is such an easy go to that sometimes we don't even realize we're losing quality moments with our families. Why not plan a special, TV-free evening with the family? Grab a game and get to know one another!

These are a few of our favorites for game night.

Apples to Apples

1. Apples to Apples- This game of funny combinations will have you're whole family laughing and trying to play to the picker.


2. Skip-bo- A sequencing game with 4 stacks. Be the first to get rid of your pile to win.


3. Dutch Blitz- This Pennsylvania Dutch styled game is fast paced and will have you exclaiming whether in excitement or dismay as you race each other to stack your number cards.


4. Blokus- Like group Tetris starting from the corners and working to fill the whole board.


5. Set- Find a pattern in the cards, pick it up. Collect the most sets to win!


6. Sequence-Played with chips and cars, this game is easy enough for kids but still challenging for adults!


7. Ticket to Ride- Collect card to take railway routes as your own. The longer the better.


8. Phase 10- Each level is a different challenge of card sequence. Be the first to make it through all 10 phases.


9. Chess- This is a classic that all board game lovers need to know. Keep the tradition going and learn how to out think your opponent.


10. 7 Wonders- This strategy game gives you one of the seven wonders. You have to build up you city and establish military supremacy.


11. Monopoly- If you have hours to kill this is the game for you. Just know, you might not be friends with your opponents when the game is over.


12. Rummikub- This tile game works by making combinations of different numbers of the same color or the same numbers of different colors. First to empty their tray wins.

Have fun!

What is your favourite board game and why? Let us know below in the comment section;)

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